Pergolas have always been the solution for those hot days when you want to enjoy the shade of the patio or garden. However, at certain times of the day the sun can be unpleasant and in the cold and rainy seasons of the year it becomes a simple decorative element.

It doesn’t have to be that way, with bioclimatic pergolas, also known as pergolas with adjustable blades, we can enjoy the exterior of our home throughout the day and also in all seasons.

What are bioclimatic pergolas?

Bioclimatic pergolas are structures very similar to traditional pergolas, but unlike these, the blades are oriented to improve the well-being of the user. These systems take advantage of some of the principles of bioclimatic construction, favoring the natural ventilation of the space.

Thanks to the change in orientation of the shutters, we can let in the light we want at all times. We can close the lid completely when it rains to continue enjoying the exterior of our home. And even thanks to the models with retractable blades, we can fully discover our bioclimatic pergola.


The reference material for most bioclimatic pergola manufacturers is aluminum. There are several reasons: low maintenance, a wide variety of colors and excellent weather resistance.

Complements for pergolas with adjustable slats

  • In most cases, these types of pergolas are also designed to be closed on the sides, either with awnings or glass cases.
  • As they are motorized systems, they incorporate wiring and other electrical systems. Usually all of this is hidden and well isolated, but it does not cost to confirm with the manufacturer or assembler.
  • Drainage system for rain.
  • Lighting. Mainly LED.
  • Heating for the coldest times of the year.

Automation and Motorization

In general, the systems that activate the movement of the blades are not manual. Virtually all actions are motorized, whether from a panel or a remote control.

Some manufacturers also include some automatisms, which are activated by detecting something for which they have been programmed. For example, rain sensors can be incorporated which, when activated, close our bioclimatic roof to prevent furniture or other elements from getting wet.

Price of bioclimatic pergolas

As with everything, there are different qualities. In the case of pergolas, the variables that mainly affect the price are:

  • The quality of aluminum.
  • The color combination.
  • The possibilities for incorporating cabinets.
  • Home automation.

The price of bioclimatic pergolas is generally between 600 and 1,000 m2. Not including side wrappers.

Types of pergolas and / or mounting systems

types of bioclimatic roofs


Mainly, these structures are mounted attached to a facade or independent. the most common is the first, as these pergolas are normally used as an extension of the house to the outside.

There are also systems of coupled or duplex pergolas, specially designed for larger extensions. The biggest candidates for this type of bioclimatic pergolas are usually companies like restaurants or cafeterias.

The works required for its installation are quite small. In fact, if we already have a flat surface for it, much of the work will be done.