Bioo, the biological battery that generates electricity through photosynthesis

Bioo it is a biological “battery” which generates electricity from photosynthesis. Using this technology, three Andalusian students have designed a device capable of recharging your smartphone with the energy that a simple flowerpot can produce. Clean electricity 24 hours a day at constant power.

Bio technology

The protagonists of this story are Rafael Rebollo, Javier Rodríguez and Pablo Manuel Vidarte, the three young founders of Arkyne Technologies.

The project will have its big litmus test in April, with the launch of a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Its starting price will be 99 euros to get a pot with integrated technology capable of generating enough energy to charge your smartphone two or three times a day.

Bio technology 1

His next project if the funding arrives is to make one square meter panels with this technology for the garden, roof or terrace. Some panels can generate a power of 3 to 40 watts.

Bioo panel

To generate enough energy for an average house, you would need 100 square meters, 15 square meters if you are using shrubs or trees.

Its efficiency is lower than that of conventional renewables, but the production price is much lower. Each organic plate of one square meter will have a price of 300 euros.


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Photosynthesis is a biological process, the most important on Earth without a doubt. It is the process by which plants turn sunlight and inorganic matter into organic compounds. Without it, life as we know it would be impossible on earth.