When creating decoration for a child’s room, it is always a good idea integrate a bird mobile. This will serve to entertain the little one and to excite his curiosity. On mobiles you can put characters of all kinds, cartoons, animals and, of course, birds. You can even use common birds to learn to recognize them.


Mobile bird – Materials

The materials to be used are as follows:

  • Alicante tip
  • Puffing
  • Cutting pliers
  • Cotton cloth
  • Colored cards
  • Adhesive glue
  • 22 gauge galvanized wire 40 m

Mobile bird – step by step

First of all, you must cut the thread. For this we will use the pliers. We will cut three fragments of 10 ” and 6 ” wire. We are going to use a straight thread, it should not be coiled. If it is wound up, it can be tightened: so that the wire is straight, hold one end in a firm place, the other end is slightly bent to hold it to the chuck of a drill, with the force of the device we manage to straighten it. As the drill turns, the wire tightens. This action should only be performed by a person who knows how to use it.


The thread is bent. We use a pliers trick to pass a ring through the ends of the threads that we have cut.

There are a few recommendations to take into account: in the event of not have a straight thread, the straightening work should be done by an adult person who is experienced in using workshop machines, because we may get injured. The clamps we need to use are steel clamps. These allow to hold small objects, allow bending and cutting of wires and also cables. These pliers are commonly used in electrical type work, gas and crafts. A special clamp is widely used which allows the measurement to be adjusted to obtain tubes to be secured.

the models must be printed– A series of birds are created, drawn, then printed. Then they must be cut and for this we will use scissors, very carefully so that the shape comes out perfectly.

the molds on colored cardboard– The color should be on both sides of the card stock. For example, on green card we can make a copy of a parrot. On the orange paper we will create two birds of different species, and on the light blue cardboard we will put another different bird. We will include the black paper for another.

The riveter is a pliers used to make holes. It is quite used to work with the leather, the rubber, Plastic and others Arts and crafts. To join the birds, taking into account that the templates have the wings and the body of the birds separate, you need to glue the wings to the body of the bird. To do this, we create a tab where they must join. We make the appropriate holes, always looking for the area of ​​the center of balance of each image. The holes should be located on the top edge, and this is drilled out using the rivet tool. To assemble the parts of the mobile, we will cut six fragments of cotton fabric or thin string, each from a different bird. We use a longer wire tied so that it is in an upright position. They must be horizontal, the birds must hang down.

Build a cardboard bird mobile

Children need to play and let their inner imaginations run wild. To give him this freedom that the little one needs and this possibility of expressing himself, we must also help him with his own imagination. This is the right time to exercise our creativity and to carry out small personal projects that make us feel better about ourselves. We must not be prejudiced, we can use our imagination to build a beautiful bird mobile using simple cardboard.

This will be the perfect time to have fun with the little ones and do a fun activity, which will also be very educational when we’re done.

This mobile is made of cardboard colors that will bring bird figures to life. We use colored wool so that the birds are united with a branch attached to them all in the same way. We need a pencil to draw the profile of the bodies of the birds and to be able to cut them out with good scissors. We also need glue, which will work for the body parts of the bird.

The activity is extremely simple. In one of the cardboard we will draw the body then, separately, on another card of a different color. This way we will make our first bird and this will be the mold to create the others. Using the model we made and we will do the others in the same way.

Each of them must have a small hole in the head, through which we will pass the wool, each thread will be tied to the wood. This way we will have all the birds hanging on the wood, with the same length, this will be placed in the center of a lamp with the help of another woolen thread.

Bird mobile with wool

This woolen mobile is a very fun activity for children and adults, besides developing drawing skills, it allows you to use your imagination and create a new decorative element. To do this, follow the step-by-step instructions below: You need the following materials: wool, paper, embroidery hoop, colorful cardstock, colouring pencils, Markersstripes the scissors, drill Yes glue. To do this, you need to make designs that will go on the mobile of birds, or you can use already printed images. All you have to do is cut them out and glue them on the cardboard in the color you choose. Use the hole punch to make a hole in the top area and also in the bottom area of ​​each picture. The holes should be centered along the center line of the drawing.


You can decorate the embroidery hoop with yarn. Put on glue then go wrap the wool around the bird. You can only use one color or make a combination of different colors.

Then you need to make four small woolen pom poms. To do this, extract a strip, depending on the desired duration of the mobile. You must pass one of the images through the wire, then feed it through the back area of ​​the drawing. You need to fix the wool using glue in the back area of ​​the picture. The process should be repeated using two or more images. At the end, put a pompom on the end of the fabric strip.

You must repeat the previous step using three other bandsSince the mobile should have a total of four strips of wool with their corresponding decoration, you need to tie the equal measure fragments of wool on the upper part of the ring to create a kind of cross, with which you can hang the mobile.

Video showing how to make a bird mobile

Here is a great tutorial: this is a video where it is shown how to make a paper bird mobile.

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