Birthdays are always a perfect occasion to do something special with the person celebrating it. There are those who prefer to spend this day as one more day, without special encounters, and those who choose to make some kind of special celebration for this unique day. If you are one of those who love birthday surprises and want to surprise someone, here are some ideas.

Birthday surprises

Is the your partner’s birthday And this year, do you want to give him a surprise that he will never be able to forget? Read on as we’ll tell you how to make this day unique and unforgettable.

Although not everyone is celebration lovers in style, as they say, no one is bitter with a candy. It is always appreciated how the person you share your time and life with takes the trouble to think of something different just to see you smile and enjoy.

It can be a romantic scene, a trip or even something as simple as a little birthday surprise when you get home from work. The ideas are limitless and depend on anyone’s imagination, but here we leave you a list with some suggestions to help you.

Birthday surprises for my girlfriend

Your girlfriend’s birthday is approaching and you are just wondering how you can surprise her. You know she loves to work out but her wardrobe is already well stocked, she’s bought all the movies she loves and you’ve already tried the interesting restaurants in your town.

Don’t panic, you can try one of these suggestions:

A different night in a spa

With the frenetic pace of the life we ‚Äč‚Äčlead, spas are the order of the day, since in a few hours you can leave completely renewed. Locate in the Internet or in the yellow pages if there is a store in your town or, if not, in a nearby town. It’s also a great idea to get away from the routine a bit.

Relaxing massages, a bottle of champagne and hot candles can be a good way to start a romantic evening with your girlfriend.


Movie night

If you are a fan of movies or a particular series, you can try to get an edition with additional content to enjoy it together at home. You can also prepare a chocolate sponge cake and popcorn to accompany it.

This is a good option for brides who are warmer and prefer to avoid places with people.


Many people already know that chocolate produces endorphins in our bodies. It is a natural medicine in our body which is released to feel good and produces feeling of happiness. Something like being in love.

You can ask in nearby bakeries for the possibility of printing a photo of yourself on a chocolate cake. Alternatively, you can also bake a delicious cake at home and hold a photo with a romantic message on it.


Birthday surprises for my boyfriend

They say men are less complicated than women, but that doesn’t always correspond to reality. Giving to a woman is easier because it’s always easy to find a piece of jewelry, a notebook or, why are we going wrong, a candy.

Don’t complicate yourself and surprise him with some of these fun ideas.

Balloon avalanche

If you have to get up earlier than your partner, you can take the opportunity to inflate balloons and hold them in a piece of plastic, like a torn garbage bag, which will be stuck to the bedroom door. So when you open the door, it will take off and an avalanche of balloons will fall on it.

Then you can surprise him with his favorite breakfast and thus start this special day in a good mood.


A limited edition

If your partner is a fan of a musical group, some iconic movie or a football team, you can ask their friends or find a limited edition or a collector’s item. It will be more valuable if it is something that you are nothing fan. This is how they will value your efforts.

Birthday surprises for my husband

Whether we’re married or not, a birthday surprise should be special and made with love. If we have been with our partner for many years, we can choose the following.

A video with the best memories

Today it’s very easy for anyone making small videos at home. You can use both photos and videos for your compilation. Talk to your friends because they also have funny memories.

You can send it to your mobile during your break or share it on your wall if you use social networks. This way, the other people who participated can also see it.


If you already have children and want to enjoy some privacy, you can look for them romantic hut on the outskirts of town. Talk ahead with a family member or friends so you can take care of the little ones if they still can’t be alone.

Original birthday surprises

In case you still have doubts or are looking for an original idea that is not expected, you can try one of these:

  • Write the meeting number on the wall with letter envelopes and leave beautiful messages inside and a surprise gift, like tickets or a discount voucher.
  • Go to one of those stores that are now trending with curious objects of any type. You can find intimate games to useful objects with different and funny shapes.

As you can see, there are a thousand ways to surprise your partner on such a special day. Don’t be afraid to do something different, you will see how much fun you are having.

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