All DIY enthusiasts will love the contest Black + Decker has prepared for this Christmas.


Christmas is a time of illusion and contests liven up these cooler months with dreamy gifts like this where DIY enthusiasts can get some sensational products. Black + Decker to create everything in your home.

Black + Decker Competition 2015

This year’s competition is called “We Keep Dreaming Together”, with which they research the six best DIY projects to fund them with. lots of 1000 € + lots the best selection of our tools worth 500 €.

In addition, among all those who will participate, there will be a raffle every week. 6 cordless screwdrivers.

Anyone who wants to participate can do so very easily, just Follow these steps:

  • Enter the Black + Decker Facebook profile
  • Identify the button with the name of the promotion, “we continue to dream together “
  • Follow the steps that appear on the page
  • Promotion validity: from November 02 to January 07

When we talk about the batch of products, we are talking about the most innovative products in the DIY world, with all the proprietary technology of this great brand. Some of the more well-known products such as the multi-drill, jigsaw or sander mouse are sure to be part of the raffle.

We tested the Multievo Black + Decker tool

In our case, we had the opportunity to test the tool at home Black + Decker Multievo, a very complete tool which, in our opinion, will be the star of all. Multievo is a multi-tool which, besides being extremely useful, is handy because you save space by having an all-in-one.


For example, some of the tasks you can do with this tool are cutting copper pipes, cutting cardboard, sawing boards, inflating tires, drilling, screwing … Convenient and useful for everyone. world.

In our case, the accessory we have is the jigsaw, a perfect element for creating headboards, toys and other decorative pieces. The most interesting and what caught our attention is that this jigsaw has much less vibration than other similar tools, besides making a very precise cut and weighing much less, so it is more comfortable to work with.


As we mentioned before, these jigsaws have no limit and can cut all kinds of surfaces (wood, metal or pvc) how to make different cut types (straight or curved).

Also, for those who are starting their first DIY jobs and feel a bit safe, or those who know what to do but are looking for comfort, this tool fits the speed and movement automatically, thus obtaining a precise result.