There are different types of black granite to make the countertops, some lighter, others more intense, others stained, etc. Discover them along with their characteristics

black granite countertop

Granite is a very practical solution for kitchen countertops. It is very resistant and economical compared to its natural alternatives: marble, quartz and porcelain.

It doesn’t have the style that marble brings or the variety of designs that modern industrial countertops offer. This is the main drawback that many potential buyers see.

However, with black granite countertops, it is not the same as with other colors. This continues to have a prominent presence and adapts perfectly to current trends.

Regarding the decoration, the black countertops add style to the environment, although they should not be used in any way. It should be done in large, well-lit spaces. The combination with the rest of the elements will depend on the type of granite used.

Types of black granite for countertops

Unfortunately, it is common in the industry to use products to alter, in this case darken, granite. It is made for several reasons, on the one hand, to hide defects in the stone and, on the other, to make it pass through another type of more expensive granite.

Therefore, it is advisable to be advised by real professionals and even go to see the tables for the manufacture of our black granite marble countertops.

black zimbabwe

Black Zimbabwe. Of African origin, what distinguishes this type of granite are the sparkles produced by the quartz that composes it. It is deep black, with fine to medium grain and composed mainly of feldspar and quartz.

fully black countertop

Absolute Black. This is one of the best known options together with Zimbabwe, although in this case we are facing a more uniform black, with some silvery spots and fine grain. It is originally from India.

black impala or south africa

Black Impala or South Africa. It has fine to medium grain, and its color is quite uniform. It is dotted with small gray spots.

white kitchens with black granite

Black Forest. Also of Indian origin, what draws attention in this black granite are the veins of grayish and whitish tones that remind you of marble.

black angola

Black Angola. Composed of feldspar and medium to thick grain labradorites. Within black granite it is one of the lowest price options, as it is an imported granite. Its appearance is quite homogeneous.