Black solar tiles and facades for solar energy production

EXASUN is the Dutch company that creates solar photovoltaic PV, the panels or modules that are used in the creation of plates for the production of solar energy, the solar modules that they produce are presented as high efficiency and long lasting of life. The company elevates black tiles and facades as one of its specialties.

The company has worked in collaboration with suppliers, European research institutes and Dutch machine builders to develop its production line, among which stand out the black glass modules, such as “photovoltaic tiles”, a set of 60 cells of 1 x 1.6 m, the BIPV modules, the glazing which carries the photovoltaic cells between two sheets of glass which give rise to the black facades, as well as the waterproof photovoltaic roof, or black roof.

BIPV to promote economic and ecological balance.

The BIPV system, resulting from the photovoltaic integrated in the building (photovoltaic energy integrated in the buildings), obeys the research of the satisfaction of increasing energy demands, the buildings need higher performances in solar panels, this is why created the system for integrating panels into the facade.

As EXASUN explains on its page, “Although it doesn’t seem facades perform better Solar than it seems, for example a west facing facade has 65% more than a flat roof, if it becomes a south facade, the percentage increases to 84%. In many cases, the surface of the facade is much larger and more suitable for solar panels ”.

Solar tiles and facades

Innovation with a black roof.

According to the company, its sloping black roof is the future, replacing the tiles with small black glass modules measuring 60 x 82 centimeters, equipped with an innovative system for quick and easy installation. The roof is protected from rain and hail up to 8 centimeters in diameter, preparing this roof for storms. This system promises durability of up to 30 years.

Regarding the roof ventilation, it is configured to cool the roof and the modules, thus providing higher performance while preserving the roof insulation and reducing maintenance costs.


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Yet another competitor for Tesla’s solar tiles.

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