Blackfriars.  The largest solar bridge in the world

Construction of the world’s largest solar-powered bridge is complete. London can already boast of having the largest solar bridge in the world.

For this, they are installed on the bridge of London station Blackfriars a roof of 6000 m2 formed by 4,400 photovoltaic panels. It is a Victorian-style bridge built in 1886, now capable of generating half the power required by Blackfriars station.

The company Solarcentury was in charge of the installation. The panels will generate around 900,000 kWh / year and prevent the emission of 511 tonnes of CO2 to the atmosphere.

Blackfriars.  The largest solar bridge in the world

The work required 14,000 tonnes of materials, which were transported by boat across the river, in order to minimize its environmental impact.

Until now, the largest projects integrated into urban architecture had been the gateway Kurilpa (Australia) and the “tunnel of the sun” (Belgium).

The footbridge is used for pedestrian and cyclist circulation and uses its 84 photovoltaic panels to power 75% of its lighting system. Having an average annual production of 38 MWh. In the event of excess energy, the excess is stored in accumulators and then transferred to the main network.

Blackfriars.  The largest solar bridge in the world

The “tunnel of the sun” uses 18,000 photovoltaic panels to produce 3,300 MWh / year. The energy produced is used both to move engines and to power rail infrastructure, lighting and signage.