In WoodMe we now want to tell you about a type of curtain that has been imposed a lot in the bedrooms and especially in those that are children. We are now talking about children’s blinds.

A blind man or I will be It is nothing more than a curtain, quite thin, which also unfolds vertically and which in recent years seems to have become fashionable because they save a lot of space, they are very modern and in the case of children’s rooms we can find them with different very original patterns.

Blinds, types:

  • The truth is, not all blinds are the same, and although the vast majority of those that are sold have a sidebar that allows them to be raised and lowered to fold them into the top of the window. the window on which it is fixed, we also have other blinds that do not have horizontal rods, so when folded they remain closed as if they were a bundle.
  • Other types of blinds are those which are also known as “Japanese blinds” and which actually consist of being independent overlapping panels. They can be used to filter light or to separate environments.
  • We also have the “Roman” type awning which has the rods horizontals which I mentioned before but it is folded by means of a system of cords in the back.
  • Of all these types of blinds, in the case of children’s blinds we will have to say that the vast majority are of the simple type with its horizontal rod and a small rope or side chain that allows it to be raised or lowered to avoid or not the light.

The truth is that placing a blind in the children’s room is a good idea because, in addition to being modern, they allow the light not to enter when we want, for example, our baby or our children to sleep. peacefully. In addition, the blinds are usually at the height of the window and securely attached to it, so they usually don’t take up more space.

Children’s blinds:

  • Although the windows in children’s rooms are usually quite small or narrow, we can say that the best decorative option for these will be to bet on a blind, as this will not only save you money on space but it will also give us the impression that the room seems much more spacious.
  • In addition, we can currently find a good number of models for children on the market among the blinds that are sold and most of them with patterns and colors that we can combine with the rest of the decoration and the colors that we have chosen for our children’s room.
  • Thus, we can find smooth blinds and one or more colors, as well as those with patterns that children will love.

I now leave you a photo gallery of blinds for children’s rooms:

Video of children’s rooms:

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