Blue freedom

Taking advantage of the force generated by flowing water, this portable gadget produces and stores enough energy to charge all your electrical devices. Blue Freedom is a small portable electric generator, weighing only 400 grams, it will allow us to generate electricity using any current of water..

The electricity produced has a power of 5 W – 1 A, sufficient to recharge our smartphone and any other gadget connected to the USB ports of this mini hydroelectric power station.

Blue freedom

The electricity produced is stored in the 5000 mAh battery that Blue Freedom already integrates. The internal battery can also be charged conventionally, with a wall outlet.

Mini hydraulic Blue Freedom

This hydrogenerator produces enough electricity in one hour to recharge your mobile for 10 hours, a standard figure since it will depend on the use we give to our phone and the intensity of the water current.

Blue Freedom mini electric

You also have the option to connect a solar panel through a built-in Micro USB connector, so you can make sure that the battery has enough power for all your adventures.


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