We cannot avoid having an uncomfortable repellant all over our body when we occasionally see cockroaches on the street. We can’t imagine what it must be like if we find these insects in our own home. That’s why we will ally with him boric acid against cockroaches. Something foolproof to keep them away from our house.

boric acid against cockroaches-bedbugs

But for that, you have to learn a little more about boric acid against cockroaches, because it is a very strong product and cannot be used as a window cleaner and cannot be abused, as if it is an air freshener. If you want to learn more about boric acid against cockroaches, keep reading with us at DIY 10.

What is boric acid against cockroaches

What exactly? How is it so popular? Plus, why is it so powerful against cockroaches?

This is a acidic chemical compound, which is quite toxic. Not only is it great for killing cockroaches, it’s also flame retardant and a precursor to other chemicals. But it has undoubtedly become popular for its insecticidal effect.


Because it is very poisonous, it is able to kill all the insects in the house, especially cockroaches and we don’t have to use that much polluting spray throughout the house, because it is something natural.

What is boric acid used for

Besides their use in exterminating the annoying vermin that sneak into our homes, they also have other very striking uses.

It is perfect as an antibiotic because it is used to fight infections caused by fungi or bacteria. This removes them very effectively.


Also, to decontaminate the eyes, it is ideal. Boric acid in the form of diluted eye drops can be used in the appropriate proportions. It will help to clean the irritated eyes which have the color, pollution or infection. It is a natural pain reliever.

Where can I buy boric acid for cockroaches?

If we want to get our own boric acid to apply treatment to our home, we can find them in several places, but we have to take into account the characteristics of the boric acid that we are going to find.

spray-boric-acid against cockroaches

Where can I buy boric acid for cockroaches? – Pharmacy

It is a boric acid which cannot be used as an insecticide. That is, it is very loose and is used in other uses. If you apply it as a treatment, the bugs will not go away.

Where can I buy boric acid for cockroaches? – Supermarkets

It will also happen in the same way as in pharmacies. It is not potent unless you find it in the insecticide part. This boric acid interests us, because it is the one that has the repellent effect.

Where can I buy boric acid for cockroaches? – Pharmacies

The one that we are looking for and that we cannot apply on the eyes or on the skin … which has no cosmetic or medicinal purpose. It is the one that can be spread to kill cockroaches.

How to use boric acid against cockroaches

To start using boric acid, remember that you cannot dry spread it. It’s dust and it could quickly get into your nostrils or skin, poisoning you. We have to prepare for it. We will need:


  • Latex gloves
  • Protection’s mask
  • 100 milliliters of water
  • 2 tablespoons of boric acid
  • A piece of bread

For this we have to put on the gloves, cover our whole body and put on the mask. You’ll think that’s overkill, but if there’s an open window and we breathe in or it sticks to our skin, you won’t be very happy.

boric acid against cockroach death

We create a mixture with the water and the two tablespoons of boric acid, being careful not to spill. Then we will wet the piece of bread in this mixture, take the soaked piece and place it in the area where cockroaches usually appear, because the colony may be there.

In about 24 hours, the plague will be over and your house will be clean. But to prevent them from coming back, we can always apply the boric acid treatment several times. This way you can make sure the cockroaches are gone and won’t come back.

Homemade Boric Acid Insecticide Against Cockroaches

Since we dare to face the pests, it’s time to create our own homemade insecticide. This way any plague or plague can invade our home and we can deal with it from day one and in the easiest way you think.

With this insecticide, we are not only running away from cockroaches, but we will kill ants and even termites, the terror of furniture. We will need

boric acid against cockroaches insecticide

  • A tablespoon of boric acid
  • Another sugar
  • A tablespoon of milk
  • Bottle caps
  1. We mix all that and we will have a somewhat dense liquid that we will place in the plastic caps. We fill them halfway and we will place them in strategic points, so that they do not get in the way and are not accessible by children or pets.

boric acid against cockroaches

  1. This sweet mixture will attract insects. They will eventually eat it and share it with their colony peers. In this way, the pests of ants and cockroaches will eventually be eliminated.
  2. For a month, try to fill the cap every three days. This way we make sure that the house is perfectly clean.

Dangers of boric acid against cockroaches

Boric acid cannot be used like crazy because as we said above, it is highly toxic. Therefore, if we are reckless, we must go to the emergency room immediately. When we use it, we need to use the ideal and exact doses.

boric acid against toxic cockroaches

Whether we use it neat or use it as an insecticide, we will try not to inhale it and keep it from coming into contact with our skin. If this happens, we will go to the doctor immediately, to treat poisoning.

We hope this has been a great help to you in finding out what boric acid can do for us regarding the roach removal, ants and other parasites that disturb us in our home.

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