Youmma solar refrigerators

The refrigerators Brazilian Youmma They are designed for affordable prices based on families off the grid and solve everyday small business problems.

An application of technology to overcome the limits of the off-grid market.

They use the latest compressor technology along with intelligent energy management and full PAYGO integration to make refrigeration available anywhere under the sun.


  • Solar coolers based on the exclusive Embraco Wisemotion linear technology to ensure minimum starting power and lower energy absorption.
  • Intelligent management. Electronically adjust refrigerator performance based on external conditions and battery loads.
  • Connectivity. Solar refrigerator + control unit to provide analytics, full pay-as-you-go integration and improved user experience.
  • Size reduction. Improve logistics and facilitate transportation.
  • Help rural areas, improve conservation or help local businesses grow, a solution that can play an important role in creating value for people living in extreme conditions.

Youmma helps reduce food waste and helps stores keep their products fresh and beautiful for longer. In the long run, this translates into cost savings.

The Youmma solar refrigerator has 100 pound capacity and it works thanks to the energy produced by a small solar panel with a battery with an autonomy of a day and a half.

One use case is that of Kioko Mwange, owner of a Grocery store in a Kenyan village. She managed to increase her income because her clients ”now they trust the quality of the milk I sell to them“. The brazilian refrigerator you helps maintain your products in good condition for up to 10 days.


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