Our kitchens also need a makeover! If you want to see the entire new Brico Depot catalog just click on the link, but now let’s take a look at the Kitchens section of Brico Depot 2020.

Brico Depot Kitchens 2020: annual catalog


We lack what we lack in the kitchen, we can find it in the section of kitchens from the new Brico Depot 2020 catalog, if what we are looking for is to start cooking from scratch (for which we have the Brico Depot kitchens), give it a new look by changing the counter, faucets and more modern furniture, like changing our oven to a more current oven or replacing our ceramic hob.

Modular kitchens Brico Depot

the modular kitchens from Brico Depot They are the perfect option to give a super renewed look to our kitchen, since we have four different collections in the brand’s catalog. If our style is more urban and simple, we have City and Urban styles, if we like shine and chic more, ours will be the Luxury collection (for little money), and if, on the contrary, it throws us plus wood and country, ours will be the Rustic collection.

Brico Depot counters

Of course, depending on the style we choose for our kitchen, we are most likely looking for one type of countertop or another. Don’t worry, in the Brico Depot Catalog you have a good number of options at quite different prices. From the most basic at affordable prices (which are excellent, by the way), to the more sophisticated style.

Kitchens in Kit Brico Depot

If you are completely reforming your kitchen, you will need all the specific pieces of furniture to put it together. Yours will be Brico Depot kitchens. It must be said that these packs are combinable and modular, so if you do not need some furniture that includes the price or you want to grab others, you can change it. Perfect for those looking for simplicity and speed in decision making.

Brico Depot faucets

As for the faucets, there’s a good chance you’ll start changing them as well, especially if yours is already a few years old. In this section of faucet by Brico Depot you will find many different models, you even have one in black! (Handsome, by the way, and very different in style).

Brico Depot extractor hoods and sinks

And for the sinks, you can also change them with the section of hoods and sinks from the Brico Depot catalogAre you interested in changing yours from one breast to one? Maybe with integrated drip tray? You also have removable hoods, easy to place under furniture, as well as body hoods.

Brico Depot cooktops and ovens

In the section baking trays and ovens from the Brico Depot catalog You have the essentials to prepare both your daily specials and those for special moments. You have three options for the hob: gas, ceramic or induction, and as for the ovens, they are offered from the most basic to the most complete.

Complements and accessories Brico Depot

Finally, you can’t miss the storage accessories for your kitchen, such as drawers, racks and wine racks. You also have different types of bins, such as recycling bins, among others, as well as handles, wringers or trays.

Guide Brico Depot Kitchens 2020

In this section you can find the catalog of Kitchens Brico Depot 2020, a complete annual catalog where you can see all the designs and elements in detail:

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