Britain's first zero waste store

The next time you’re planning a trip to Devon, UK, be sure to visit the Earth store. Food. Sees it. The only supermarket that sells up to 200 products without pesticides from ethical sources. The store is also completely free from single use packaging which is great for the environment and for people’s peace of mind.

Earth, food, love. Created by Richard Eckersley, 28, and his wife, Nicola, 27. The couple fell in love with the idea of ​​receiving the purchased goods unpackaged after visiting the Unperfekthaus. “We walked in and immediately thought, why doesn’t this exist in the UK?“. We returned to the UK and decided to open our own sustainable store.”We wanted to go somewhere where we could bring something positive to the local community so we moved to Devon“.

At Earth.Food.Love you can find cereal, pasta and even maple syrup. The supermarket also stocks locally grown oats, sanitary products, metal razors that can be exchanged for the blade, and bamboo toothbrushes. Since the store seeks to sell “ethical, healthy and organic” products, milk and alcohol are not sold. French fries are also prohibited, as they can have up to seven layers of packaging.

While the lack of packaging may turn some customers off, it is incredibly appealing to others. Filled with almonds and peanuts, you can reuse your jar over and over again.

Customers should bring their own jars, jars, bags – which may vary in type and shape – to the store. After weighing the containers, buyers pay for their purchases by weight. For new customers, the store keeps compostable paper bags.

This store aims to educate consumers and improve access to healthy and ethical products. Store owners are not interested in getting rich. “It is not a question of price for us. We don’t want to store items just for their price, they have to be ethicalRichard said. “We don’t want to compete with local farms either – there are a lot of them here that already sell fresh produce.

We are constantly adding products to our catalog, but the supplier has to be the right one for us. We want to live in a world where consumption does not have to pollute. We believe in returning to simplicity that will benefit not only our health, but also the planet“.

The couple say the store has inspired many shoppers, which is why they have created their own guide on “Build Your Own Zero Waste Store”. Richard and Nicola’s ultimate goal is to see similar businesses around the world so that the environment can be preserved while humanity thrives.


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