Choose English or British style to decorate your home or any environment if you like classic, wood, sophistication and refinement. Remember that you can always add a personal touch to your “style” by playing with furniture, pieces and colors if you are afraid it will be too serious.

As a historical note, you will like to know that the English style was born in the 18th century and reached its peak with the introduction of the Queen Anne style, which was characterized as the first pure, sober and elegant baroque. This style brings elegance to your environments.

It is a very ornate style and sometimes it is not easy to combine so many elements perfectly, so you must be very careful when choosing furniture.

Basic elements of British decor

Wood is the decoration material par excellence, and mahogany is the key element for the most classic English salons. He too oak and cherry They are noble woods of current manufacture that adapt perfectly to this style. As for the colors of the walls, it admits different shades between brown, gray or green, of course white remains the classic. You can also adopt pastel colors, as they are very harmonious with the rest of the decor. The most important thing is to create an environment where refinement and luxury give the room a sumptuous and elegant appearance.

As they are very busy spaces, you should take into consideration the ilumination, it should be smooth and indirect to avoid shadows. You should also have several points, table lamps with tall bases as if they were classic columns. Choose an exuberant chandelier and don’t forget the sleek and elegant chandeliers of the purest British style.

The sofas, the armchairs – the famous Chester-, are fundamental elements in British decoration, the more baroque the better. His arms are generally curved and his back is not very high. The leather ones are very comfortable and are adorned with studs, buttons or capitonĂȘ forming.

Than you can’t be without is the library, marks the British style. Fill them with books, better if they look old, and you can make the most English corner of your home.

British decoration

There is no lack of leather on the 18th century desk, feather diaries … On one of the tables, a chess board and of course the minibar in the shape of a globe will give a touch as special and elegant as it is charming.

Regarding fabrics, the curtain plays a dominant role. They are fabrics and silks very worked, velvet, brocade, Jacquard stand out, combining soft colors with others more intense, such as burgundy or dark green. The designs are usually simple, monochromatic with pastoral scenes or colorful birds and flowers.

If you bet on classic style decor, bet on beauty and sophistication. Refinement and luxury must always be present in British decor. A classic interior is elegant, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere that will invite you to rest and relax.