Do you know the burnt cork technique for hair and face? It is very easy and fun, not only for the little ones but also for the young people having fun practice airsoft.

It is very common for mothers of children to use this technique holiday season and school events, since children play or dress often and need a makeup or camouflage that after the performance I can wash quickly without leaving traces of burnt cork.

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When they need ppretend to be people of color or mulatto This is the best technique for good camouflage, both for the face and for the hair, as a blond child can transform in seconds.

Burnt cork for hair

As for the technique of burnt cork for the hair, it works almost the same way, with the same utility as for the face, since it is enough gently run the burnt cork over the child’s head to apply makeup to the hair.

However, in addition to applying makeup to your hair with burnt cork to camouflage children or to practice airsoft, you can also think about using this technique when you detect that you are losing hair.

In fact, when you lose hair, especially on the top of the head, it makes the forehead look bigger than it is and so that’s a detail what can you hide and no one will notice.

To do this, take a few plugs, the amount will depend on the extension of the area to be covered, so it may be that with one or two plugs you will cover the area of ​​the hair you need makeup with black color.

In turn, in this case, you must take into account the original color of your hair, so that the cork burns if necessary so that you can mimic the color of your own hair and be as similar as possible.

But if your intention is to make up your kid to play an African native then you should get a strong black color because the idea is that he looks like a real African or African because it is great fun to see the school performance blond children whose mothers forgot to wear makeup.

Therefore, if you want your child to look like a real black mulatto, do not forget to apply makeup on the hair with the burnt cork.

In case you are practicing airsoft, you should behave in the same way because the more you cover your whole body the more successful you will be in your game, so look for the darkest black color to make up all your hair.

Burnt cork for hair

Burnt cork to paint the face

You already know that in addition to using the burnt cork to paint the hair, you will also be using it paint the face, But how to do it? Maybe you are wondering if you are going to burn your skin, no. Since when you paint the face you are spreading the makeup on the neck and ears, have five or six caps with you. Burn the tips of the corks with a lighter or a candle. When you see it burnt, remove it from the heat and wait a few minutes for the cork to cool. Before you start to put on makeup test if it has cooled by touching it with your fingers. If you notice that it has already cooled, start rubbing it on the forehead evenly if you plan to cover the whole face, to turn a white child into a black mulatto.

Burnt cork to paint the face

Continue to pass the cap by the nose then by the cheeks and finally you will make up the ears and the neck. Remember that the intensity of the black color will depend on how much pressure you put with the cork on the skin, because the higher the intensity of the pressure, the stronger the black color. If your intention is to achieve camouflage when practicing airsoft, you should cover all areas of the face but you will not do it evenly but with horizontal stripes without following a specific order.

With burnt cork you will get good camouflage no need to use other makeup like mud or charcoal. But remember that in addition to making up the face with the cap, you need to extend the camouflage to the neck, ears, and you also need to paint the hands. You even have to think about the areas of the face that attract the most light such as the chin, cheeks, nose, ears and forehead to paint them with a darker color, so exert more pressure with the cork on these areas. With a lighter black color, it covers other recessed areas, such as under the chin and eyes.

Keep in mind that if your skin is too oily, you should hide its shine and therefore it is recommended to wash the skin and reapply the makeup by burning another plug and camouflaging again, so you can avoid being located from a distance.

In fact, when it comes to airsoft, you should look for a type of camouflage that breaks all kinds of lines and that changes smooth surfaces, so in addition to painting your face and hair with burnt cork, you will need other items to blend in with your surroundings such as leaves, branches etc.

This is why it is also recommended to avoid shining both on your skin and on the material that you take with you. You can use powder or you can also cover and reduce the light reflection on the bright areas of your gear by applying a little burnt cork.

In the same pocket in which you keep the mirror with the shiny part towards your body, also keep one or more burnt plugs for reapply camouflage if necessary.

As you may have noticed, you can check that the The burnt cork technique works successfully for the face and for the hair.

Therefore, start saving the wine corks, do not throw them away, and keep them in mind to apply this technique with your children when performing at school or when you decide to practice airsoft.

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