Continuing the week of buttonsWe have gone through all the button boxes that we can find in our home and in the houses of the neighbors. We also toured the neighborhood and asked all the haberdashery for different models of buttons.

We have already made several Arts and crafts with these fabulous friends. Buttons. The truth is, they’re so sweet that ideas to make with them never seem to run out.

In this case, we’ll tell you about a fabulous idea to give to a friend or loved one.
We will get to to work and to make an image with buttons that bears the initial of the person to whom we entrust the work.

We just need to frame a piece of eva rubber that we will be working on. In this one, before framing it, we will draw pencil the initial letter of your name or nickname, then start working with the buttons in it.

For example, in this case we will work with pink and green buds in their pastel tones. It is a beautiful and soft combination that will undoubtedly look amazingly beautiful.

If we use these buttons which in a funny way reflect the light, we will obtain a very attractive finished product with attractive effects.

Only with the glue by hand we cover the remaining holes and fill in the same way we filled those black and white drawings with color when we were Boys. We’re going to make the letter in a green tone and that’s it.

We let it dry well, we frame it and we already have our special gift.

via and ima craftsmanship