To recycle It is not only synonymous with throwing waste in its corresponding buckets. At least it was another concept the one who had the American Ross W. Orr when reused 54 RAM memory cards to build his own lamp.

Orr got such a number of plates after working on a Local charity. His job was to repair old computers then sell them in the charity rake organized by the center. One of the things I did was replace 1 or 2 MB of RAM memory by others of greater capacity. It is not known whether due to nostalgia or a nascent Diogenes syndrome he decided stay with the old women.

Years later he built his own lamp with them and named it after Bytelight. According to Ross W. Orr, the procedure is simple. Used a narrow box with fluorescent lamps then used silicone for dough the circuits on the front. Sand the sides and voila! He got a decorative item along Matrix.

So if anyone still has something in their house old or obsolete, think twice before to get rid of. Perhaps it can be reused to create a piece of furniture with an original and surprising design.