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California became the first US state to ban hotels from offering single-use plastic bottles for toiletries. Governor Gavin Newsom signed a bill to this effect.

Congressman Ash Kalra, a Democrat from San Jose, who sponsored the bill, applauded the governor’s determination.


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We have reached a tipping point for action and there is still a long way to go to bring consumers and businesses towards more sustainable alternatives. And given our state’s strong presence in tourism, it will be a model for the nation.

Ash Kalra.

The tourism industry has already started making this change on its own, noted the USA today. Walt Disney Co. announced last year that it would stop using single-use shampoo bottles at its resorts and on cruise ships. Then, in July, InterContinental Hotels Group became the first hotel company to pledge to phase out mini-bottles across all of its brands and properties. Marriott did the same a month later. The bill was even supported by the California Hotel and Lodging Association (CHLA).

As a long-time advocate for environmental stewardship, CHLA congratulates Governor Newsom and Assembly Member Kalra for working with California hotels to make AB 1162 good for our environment and good for our industry . We especially appreciate the recognition of Assembly member Kalra for the many innovative steps hotels have taken to build a more sustainable future.

Lynn S. Mohrfeld, President and CEO of CHLA.

The bill gives big hotels until January 2023 to phase out tiny shampoos, conditioners and soaps. Hotels with less than 50 beds will have until January 2024. After this date, the offending hotels will be liable to fines. The first offense would trigger a warning and a fine of $ 500 for each day of violation of the law. A second offense would cost the institution $ 2,000. The law will not apply to nursing homes, hospitals, prisons or homeless shelters.

Small everyday actions, such as eliminating small plastic bottles, will have a positive impact on our environment. By prohibiting hotels from giving out single-use plastic items to guests, we are protecting our environment and reducing plastic waste and pollution of waterways.

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