Anyone who loves decoration surely loves to use chandeliers and candles to illuminate and beautify the corners of our homes. Moreover, if you unleash your creativity, you will see that there are many ideas that we can contribute to give it a distinctive touch and make it look more beautiful. It is well known that the warmth that a good chandelier provides is unmatched in any lighting solution. LED or other artificial weak light. And, of course, they are the best addition to a romantic dinner party, designing your candle set for the occasion – with a good selection of relaxing background music – is unmatched in terms of effectiveness.

If we add to that, we have hundreds of materials scattered around the house that could serve as raw materials for make our own chandeliers, things are getting very interesting. Have you ever thought about the amount of products we throw away or recycle that could be useful in decorating our home? It’s time to give some materials a second life and to be sustainable and creative. So get down to business!


How to make staircase bar chandeliers

Do you keep the remains of an old ladder or can someone you know give you one? If so, you’re in luck, as we’ll start to create your custom chandelier with the skeleton of an old-fashioned ladder. For this, the necessary equipment will be the following:

  • Old wooden balusters
  • A drill
  • A saw
  • Glue
  • The painting
  • A hammer (and nails)
  • Sandpaper
  • Molding

Well, let’s go. Through a saw we cut a baluster (or whatever you need and want to transform). We take the baluster (or the bar, as you prefer to call it) and with the drill we make a hole in it, being careful not to break it. Now we can present the candle. As the basis for the future chandelier, we can use the stair railing, or some other type of support that we can make ourselves by modifying a molding and hanging with glueor. Or you can also take the hardcover covers of an old book. In all cases, the base will be fixed using the nails that we will insert with the hammer.

Once our chandelier is assembled, well sanded and free of wood dust, it’s time to finish it to our liking, with paint in the color of your choice.

How to make crystal chandeliers

Glass is perhaps the most valuable material in terms of decoration, because its finishes are spectacular. Also, who doesn’t have jars and glass jars of food items like jam, yogurt, legumes or olives in their kitchen? So, from now on, don’t even think about throwing them away: they will be your future candle holders and candle holders. Just empty them, clean them well, and let them dry. Then the ideas to give them another life are almost endless: from cover them with crochet blankets, until place a wick inside. Unleash your creativity!

On the other hand, we also have a very common container in our pantry: bottles of soda or beer. This is where our ability will be tested a bit more, since for example we could cut the neck of an empty beer bottle and later place it as a base in another.

Glasses too They can serve as a support for a beautiful chandelier, and the result can be really valuable. In addition, we can use these fantastic creations in different places of our homes:

  • Let them hang– On pergolas, hanging plants like ivy or a tree, etc.
  • A very fun way is to play paths leading to a specific place. For example, the garden or a sparkling hot tub prepared.
  • Or in no apparent order, scattered around the house.
  • we canput them on the walls, for example on shelves.
  • Form a certain figure or word, on the floor or on a table.
  • Bordering an element to give relief to him and thus highlight it, like a swimming pool.

how to make-a-crystal-chandelier-recycled-material

How to make wall lights

Now let’s move on to decorating the walls of our house, one of the most attractive places in our house, with wall lights made with our own hands, and with very few resources. Fast and easy! To do this, we will need:

  • A piece of pallet
  • Specific paint for wooden surfaces
  • A few tablespoons
  • Nails and a hammer
  • Candles
  • Sandpaper

Let’s go! First, ‘we’re going to dismember’ a pallet to keep only part of it; whichever you prefer. We sand and polish the workpiece well, then we nail the tablespoons to its surface. Once they are well fixed, we carefully fold them outwards, so that they serve as a future support for the candle. You can also paint the palette with the color that best matches your wall.

how to make a wall chandelier from recycled material

All you have to do is make a hole in the wall and anchor the pallet … And you will see how beautiful it is! The subtle lighting of the rooms or your living room will not be the same.

How to make table candle holders

The combinations to decorate our tables are very varied. From reusing plastic containers, to revitalizing cans of tuna – or any type of canned food – as a support for our magnificent chandeliers. But to finish this article we will stop at how to make a great plaster and copper chandelier. You dare?

  • Throw away
  • Mussels
  • Copper coins
  • The scissors
  • Sandpaper
  • Candles

First of all, you get your hands dirty by mixing the plaster with water. When it is well combined, we continue to fill the molds. We wait a bit for it to dry, not quite, just a little. This is when we go present the copper coins we have acquired (or that we have at home) and it will be the future support of the candles.

Now is the time to be patient and wait a whole day for everything to dry properly. When the 24 hours have passed, we will almost be there: all that remains is to break the molds with scissors and carefully sand the final finishes. We place our candles and… it’s done! Easy no?

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