The Nespresso machine solved a unique problem. Coffee gives you energy and helps you get through the day, but before that first cup we are lazy, sleepy, and you are unlikely to want to make coffee in a coffeemaker. Nespresso brews your coffee in no time. You insert a coffee capsule into the machine, close the lid, press the button, and voila, coffee in an instant. However, Nespresso has one big drawback. It is designed to work only with Nestlé’s proprietary disposable capsules, which are expensive and terrible for the environment.

Now Capsulier Lite is coming, with its superhero name, as it literally saves the planet and your wallet from disposable capsules.

Capsulier allows you to make your own coffee capsules, instead of having to buy them in store. The machine comes with reusable stainless steel capsules that you can simply fill with your own blend of coffee, allowing you to create your custom blends.

All you have to do is just pour your artisanal coffee blend into the top compartment of the Capsule Container and pull the lever aside. The Capsulier fills the stainless steel capsule. The capsule can be used with a Nespresso machine, giving you an instant coffee solution at the push of a button.

The stainless steel capsules can be used not only with coffee but also with tea, allowing you to brew specially brewed cups of tea, and it’s 7 times cheaper than a store-bought Nespresso capsule.

The capsules can also be washed and reused endlessly, thus avoiding filling the planet with more waste than necessary.


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