Today i know increasingly requiring the use of debit or credit cards over cashIt’s much more comfortable, you make exact payment without being aware of returns and without having to transport parts. It also saves you from having to queue at ATMs on the street to withdraw money, looking suspiciously back and forth and carefully covering the keyboard to dial your secret password.

In addition, it is customary in stores to offer their customers, membership cards to accumulate points and access attractive discounts or be able to redeem them for prizes.

And if you are independent you should probably have one business card with your data, to make yourself known among the contacts you make and you probably also have in your possession those you received during this card exchange.

Even more, we are probably staying in the portfolio of this restaurant that we loved, the hairdresser, the emergency vet, the library card, the super discount … Conclusion: you need a card holder.

How to make a card holder

Making a card holder at home and with your hands is very simple and once learn to follow the pattern with the correct measurements, you can design card holders in different materials, in the shapes and colors you like the most. The important thing is not to lose any cards.

To serve as a model idea, we can take the example of a cardboard card holder and scrapbooking paper (a type of decorated paper):

  • Prepare the tapas. For this, we cut two pieces of conglomerate cardboard measuring 11 cm x 7 cm.
  • Then we cut out two more pieces of scrapbooking paper 14 cm x 10 cm.
  • Then we will place a central rubber that will serve as closure for card holder. So in the middle of one of the boxes we staple a piece of elastic, like a rubber band used for hair.
  • We continue the work of the covers with scrapbooking paper and white glue, making sure there are no air pockets. Tip: Wipe down the center with a dry cloth if you have air pockets and cut the corners to make the crease at the corners.
  • Decorate the top cap. Much will depend on individual taste. You can use glitter and stick them with strong glue, buttons, scraps, stickers, or leave it as is if you like something more understated.
  • Prepare the envelopes that will contain the cards. For this step you will need to draw or print a template that he has the appropriate measures for the tapas we have prepared.
  • Then draw the outline on kraft cardstock repeat as many times as the envelopes or compartments you would like your card holder to have. Be careful, it must be an even number.
  • Assemble all the envelopes and then join them together with double-sided tape so that when folded they are all in accordion shape. It will only remain to glue the envelopes of the ends on the lids.

card holder-card-holder-man-woman-and-styles-how-to-make-a-card holder

Men’s card holder

Men’s accessories tend to be more sober and serious, although the particular taste should be free from clich├ęs. Whether you don’t like things that are too colorful or are planning to pull out your card holder on a business date and don’t want it to look out of place, all you have to do is choose a more neutral decoration, with tones as discreet as possible.

A very original idea are the magic card holders. They have a rubber system that allows a very surprising visual effect, so that when you place the card on the side where the rubber bands are placed in parallel, in one gesture (and there is magic) it appears from another side held by some cross rubbers.

card holder-card-holder-man-woman-and-styles-how-to-a-card holder-card-holder-for-man-magic-card holder

Women’s card holder

Another quick, easy and very striking idea is to make a card holder out of a piece of fabric.

  • Socket nail fabric strip, approx. 50 x 11.5cm, although it will depend a bit on how big you want your wallet or card holder to be.
  • Then you just need to fold and glue.

Wallet card holder

Depending on the size of your card holder and the cnumber of compartments you have put, you can also use it as a wallet to save money. But if you dare to do something more elaborate, you can also design and create with your own hands an exclusive and 100% original wallet with card holder and purse. You just need patience and creativity.

card holder-card-holder-man-woman-and-styles-how-to-make-a-card-holder-card-holder-wallet-in-colored-fabric

Metallic card holder

If you prefer something more compact and impact resistant, your ideal card holder is metal. They are extremely elegant and allow keep all contents perfectly protected from humidity, friction or wrinkles. In the market, you can choose from a wide variety of designs suitable for any style and covering a wide range of price, design or more affordable.

Aluminum card holder

Aluminum is a material which, well worked, offers very good results. The embossing technique is a craftsman’s job, but you don’t have to be an expert to achieve it. For this you need aluminum foil in which you will draw the necessary drawing then review the drawing with tools called chisels, to give relief. This sheet can be used later to decorate a box, diary or card holder.

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