Cardboard crafts for kids are definitely the best thing to do with young children or also to have fun when they have nothing better to do at home, or if for example they want to be able to give a special gift like a card for the day. mothers or fathers day. This time we want to teach you how to do kids cardboard animal crafts so that they can create all kinds of animals.

There is a lot of animal craft that children can make from one or more cards. You just have to decide which animal you want to create and get down to business as we see in the trades we show you below.

Cardboard whale for children

Making a fun whale is possible if you have blue cardboard at home. To make a whale like the one you see above, you will only need cut a large cardboard so that you can bend and make the bow as seen in the photo. In case it doesn’t come out, you cut out a base piece and make the arch with another loose piece. You will only have paste it and also add glue.

So you can draw eyes and mouth (or glue it with the pieces made on other pieces of cardboard) and for the water jet, you can do this by rolling a piece of napkin paper, cut one end, glue and voila!

Cardboard rabbits for children

Also with a little cardboard we can make these funny rabbits. For this you will need cut 4 strips of cardstock of the same size. You glue two in the center forming a cross then the other two You cross them and also glue in the center. Now you join the bands at the ends so that you have a ball like a snowflake. Repeat with four more bands (longer) and then you will have the rabbit body. You hit the first ball on top that you made it will be the head. Now all you have to do is finish the details of the bunny, glue pieces of cardboard to form the eyes, nose, teeth and also the ears of the rabbit.

Cardboard monkey for children

Kids can also make this little monkey you see above. To do this you only need brown, white and pink cardboard and we draw on these, the different pieces to form the little monkey who will be seated. The the face is just a circumference in brown then white, he body we can do it by drawing on the brown cardboard and the we glue a blank piece in the center to make the chest. Then when we have our head and body glued together, all we have to do is glue the paws, tail and ears, as well as the details of the face.

Children’s crocodile with cardboard scales

The crocodiles you see above are another animal crafts that kids can make out of cardboard. To make them we will need green cardboard, which we need cut in circular shape, fold in half and cut the edge to create the scales (make triangular cuts). Then we cut four pieces to make the crocodile’s legs and we also add an adhesive eye and we also glued a mouth with teeth on white cardboard (or we paint it).

Kids Cardstock Snake

From several cardboard rings we can also make this other craft, with which we will get a beautiful and fun snake. Alone You need two large cards that are different colors and cut into several strips. When you have all the tapesYou take one, close it forming a ring and go through the middle and close another strip of another color. You see doing this one after the other until you have formed the whole body of the serpent. To finish, just add two pieces at each end, one forming the Head (attached to the ring) and with the eyes and tongue painted (or made with other pieces of cardboard) and the other, forming the tail.

Cardboard octopus for children

Do you want to make an octopus for the kids to have fun? It can be created with a little blue cardboard as seen in this other craft in the photo above. For that, We cut out a piece of cardboard giving it a circular shape. Then we will have to cut 8 equal strips of cardboard and roll one of the extremes for us to have as if they were the tentacles of the octopus. We glue each tentacle on the cardboard circle (from behind) and then we will only have to glue adhesive eyes or if we prefer, we can paint them. Now our octopus will be ready or if we want we can glue it on another larger cardboard to make, for example, a mural of sea animals.

Cardboard cat for children

As we have already seen with the cardboard whale craft, we can also make a kitten like the one you see in the image above. From one rectangular piece as a base, we can glue another in the shape of an arc and we will have the body of the kitten formed. Then we just have to cut a heart-shaped piece to create the head, two more pieces to be the ears (triangular) then a long piece to be the tail. All that remains is to finish adding details, such as the nose, eyes, whiskers and inside of the ears.

Kids Cardstock Turkey

Finally, a nice anima craft to make with cardboard for children. A turkey also in cardboard that can also be made in two colors. To make the body part, it will be necessary to fold the cardboard in green, in the shape of an accordion then we paint to make the turkey feathers. We will make the body with a piece of blue cardboard, cut as if it were an “S”. Then we add the legs, beak and crest, and we also add two more green pieces to form the wings.