Yes, it might be far from him Fathers Day, but when leaving it, the bull will catch up with you and you will end up buying the liter bottle of Brummel of all years. Uncool. More than anything, because your father smells like a miner from the 1950s and there is no one around him. In this article we show you how to do Cards for Father’s Day with recycled materials.


Yes, a card has to be accompanied by another gift that is a little more material, but with the card, handmade and lovingly made, you will soften his heart, and he will not get so mad at his fifth XXL bottle of Brummel. These recycled Father’s Day cards are a first step towards a better gift, but they’ll come from the card he remembers, unless you have the money to give him a gift. Aston Martin. In this case, farewell to the card.

Printable cards for fathers day

The 3D printer option is still there but it seems a bit excessive, right? Especially if you have seen Westworld, the series of HBONow, you know it won’t be the same. Therefore, go for something more humble but naughty. If you want ideas you will find here Printable cards for fathers day.


Your father fixed your bike; sewn your backpack; lined your sticker folder with Zayn Malik; He tightened your suspenders with the shears … It is clear that he is a handyman and he deserves a gift to match. How about looking for letter-shaped tools and telling him how you feel about a cheap, currada card that he’ll love?


Google map

A blank sheet of paper, patience, colored markers and a message designed for the one who has given you half of your life. It doesn’t seem like too much of an effort, does it? Just work on the lyrics Google and put in the search box what you want to say. If he’s positive and loving, so much the better. It’s no good to blame him for not taking you justin concert Bieber A day like this


I love you

Note that this card, if it turns out well, it can be reason for parental pride and satisfaction for years. Just imagine that they are hanging it in the fridge and every time they open it they remember your gift. Not only will you have made your father happy, but you will have them at your mercy. Touch to solve the problem and try to nail the card.


Cards for fathers day for kids

Involve children in these types of tasks, not only improves your psychomotor system, but improves the bond between parents and children and shows them the concept of generosity. All are advantages. Also, since the expense will be minimal, the better. For this reason, you are Cards for fathers day for kids, they are always a good option.

Copy paste

Find the letters to put The World’s Best Dad or My dad is a superhero who doesn’t need a cape, and think about how and in what way you are going to glue them. And the options are endless. Since eva rubber, at cardstock, passing for cardboard boxes or a simple Invoice. The detail is what matters, unless you are 40, which in this case is rare.


In chalk

If your little ones already know how to write, then this is the perfect opportunity for Dad to melt. Everything they write is welcomed by a parent. But of course if the writing says I love you, Dad in full Fathers Day, the parent’s slime trail can elevate the Tagus head by 3%.


Super hero

If you tell your dad he’s your hero, he’ll spoil you whatever you want for a week. If you immortalize it on a map, you will have everything you dreamed of until you met 18 years. The opportunity is perfect. Yes, now that Batman and superman These are enemies, you have to hit whichever you choose. Your future bike depends on it.


Original cards for Father’s Day

In this life, being original is not easy. Everything is invented, so the easiest way is to reinvent something. Now that you dare to innovate, go for it. However, to inspire you, here are some Original cards for Father’s Day, with which to leave you on the verge of tears.

Love clip

Remember that the basis of these gifts is the use of materials recyclable, that they come out cheap and that they make retail count. This is the case of Love clip, better known as Love clip. If the side message is already cute in itself, when he opens it and sees the envelope, he will surely buy you the iPad Pro. In the end, that’s what you wanted, huh?

clothespin cards


The eva rubber It is such a useful, pleasant and cute material that it will always give you good results. In addition, 3d effect that you can get with it is the sea of ​​friends. Just think of a theme, which can be related to a hobby of your father, and leave him with his mouth open. Of course, be careful with hobbies, some parents are more dangerous than a cloudy one.


A cup

A cup for congratulate dad on fathers day. A 3D mug with big mustaches which we can make with carton, wrapping paper and eva rubber. Nail very beautiful and original craftsmanship Dad will surely love it, just draw the shape of the cup, cut it out and line it. Finally, we just have to add the mustache that we previously made in eva rubber.

Once we have the cups, we can write inside a “Happy Father’s Day”.


If you have brothers, the option of a temporary truce, to form an alliance, is the best idea you can achieve. As easy as taking a picture of each brother and sticking them on cardboard. You don’t need more. Of course, if you have 13 siblings you might need a board.



If your dad is a fanboy of Manzana, you should take this advantage as much as you can and more. It depends on these details that in the future you have a iPhone or the acorn smartphone. Work it in the style of the photo, put on your favorite apps and tell it what you like Manzana and how easy it is for children to use. If it sneaks up …


A card with your wallet

A very original card to give this year on Father’s Day. If it’s a card that’s better than carrying it with all of Dad’s cards, in the wallet. To do this we will only need brown felt or whatever color Dad prefers.

When you open it, what a surprise, you will find one more card, one very special card full of love and affection, it reminds her every day how much we love her.

Congratulate dad with LED lights

If we are looking for a original gift card, it is undoubtedly one of the most original that we can do with a little imagination.

It is a card that can be made on cardboardOf course, you have to fold it first so that the surprise is greater. Daddy likes Star warsIf so and you’ve become a huge fan of the show, this is your gift.

We will only have to buy a led pointerMom can take care of that, it won’t cost her much to find them. Then, as we said, we take a large white card and fold it in half. Inside we stick our led pointer and we wrote a message of affection and congratulations. Let us not forget that today is a very important day for him and surely this Gift cardIt will surprise you, you just need to play with it and the pointer.

Recycled Father’s Day Cards

Of course daddy will love it receive a special gift on fathers day, especially if it is made with recycled materials. He always recycles everything And surely the idea will sound good, you just have to find the right materials at home and give them a second life.

Greeting card with popsicle sticks

Of course we love polo shirts, today we will see how to make a very original card with them, it will be a very simple gift but at the same time super original.

With the pole sticks we can do many trades which may surprise you, in this case it will be a special trade. Congratulations for dad where to put everything we love about him, how we feel at your side.

To do it we will have to collect enough sticks polo shirts to make our menu look good. If we don’t have popsicle sticks, we can also use the sticks the doctor looks at our throats with. Try to ask for them the next time you go to the doctor.

Then we glue them one after another and decorate them with paint as we wish. It remains only to glue a sheet of paper, cut it to the right size and write dad a note expressing how much we love him. We can also write down a list of things we like about him, like telling us stories or playing with us.

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