Caring for leather furniture

After acquiring the perfect furniture that beautifies our home, we must take steps to take care of them, especially the leather and fabric furniture, as dust and the constant traffic of people they encounter can cause their wear and tear. Below, we will give you some tips so that you can take better care of your furniture.

Leather furniture, in addition to being a dream and a piece that enhances any living room, is an investment that we would like to be with us for a long time. Leather is essentially skin and, like our body, it must be protected and nourished. Unprotected leather can discolor, peel, crack or change its texture due to agents such as heat, exposure to light and perspiration.

To take care of a leather furniture, direct light should be avoided, and cleaning it with a damp cloth, keeping it away from heat sources, are simple steps that give our furniture more life. It is also recommended apply protection twice a year and when you encounter specific problems such as breaks, splashes or scratches, use special products for each type. Do not use waxes or products with silicone, as they do not allow leather to breathe, or clean with products that contain alcohol or petroleum distillates.

How to care for fabric furniture

Care for the fabric is different, as upholstery can sometimes require dry cleaning, which would imply taking you to a dry cleaner or specialist in this service, so you must pay attention to the indications that come on the label.

If a regular cloth is stained, we can absorb it with paper or a damp, non-abrasive cloth and then remove the stain with neutral soap colorless. If necessary, a little alcohol diluted in water for liquor stains or diluted vinegar for wine stains, then we can use a hair dryer from outside to inside the wet part.

To remove dust from the upholstery, use it gently with a soft bristle brush or a medium-powered vacuum cleaner. These tips will prolong the life of your fabrics, making your home upholstery look like the first day.