Carnival is approaching, that is, if you have children, you have to buy material for the costumes, make them and above all adapt them. However, this time of year is about more than costumes and masks. It’s time to let your imagination run wild. In the case of the little ones, nothing better than to color it. And for that, we bring you Carnival coloring pages.

Carnival coloring pages

The truth is no one seems to need Carnival coloring pages, until you need Carnival coloring pages. The costumes, the floats, the surroundings and anything else that might encourage a little one to paint, rest assured that it will. In such a case, it is better to be prepared.

You just need to have a printer and take one of the Carnival coloring pages that we have compiled. When they’re over, Easter may have already arrived, so you’ve got plenty of them. But what Carnival coloring pages we bring you? Well, a bit of everything.

And nothing like starting with a confirmation from the party. Something better than to draw three children with a sign that reads Viva el Carnaval? Right? With many different areas to be able to use many colors and, above all, intended for children who can read at least.

However, nothing happens if they don’t know it, as they can even color the spots on the poster. Definitely one of the More fun carnival coloring pages.

In every classification of children that is made, you cannot miss a Pocoyo somewhere. In this case, we introduce it into the Carnival coloring pages and it works wonderfully. In the end, the mythical Spanish cartoon remains a symbol for the first generations and they appreciate its presence in all formats. Video, plush, even Carnival coloring pages

Why do you have a blue tongue? Because he just had a Coca-Cola Chupa Chups.

And from Pocoyo we make the jump to The cutest vampirina in Transylvania. It is a girl, combination between Boo (Monsters SA) and Mavis (Hotel Transylvania). As soft as candy, it’s very easy to color and is suitable for almost any age, as long as you know how to hold the pencil. Obviously he must be among the Carnival coloring pages The most important.

Now that the Marvel Universe is sweeping through theaters and across all existing audiovisual fields, nothing like a few Carnival coloring pages superheroes. Of course, in this case we opted for a hero at home. A hero who, in addition to coloring, can serve as an example for the carnival costume.

What do we need? A small sheet, eye mask or double-hole rag and plastic gloves. With these three elements, we can brighten up our little one’s day and, who knows, put him on the way to Super hero. Of course when you are 18

It was clear that a clown could not be missing from the list Carnival coloring pages. In this case, we are talking about a simple drawing but with a lot of compartments to fill. In addition, it is perfect for checking whether your child has grasped the concept of symmetry, through the clown pants. Eye, let’s not miss the monkey with flowers and jumpsuits which is wonderful.

And from a clown to a mummy. A mummy who sleeps more than anything else, but which thus avoids scaring those who choose to paint her. A Carnival coloring with nuances, more complications than expected and very easy to get out and not notice.

The crazy combo offered by this drawing, at first glance, is a bit shocking. Namely, it is a cross between a harlequin and a mandala. Not so bad. It is one of Carnival coloring pages More complicated on the list, but more satisfying when done.

In this case the harlequin has many corners to give all the colors we want, it takes those who print it back to the ’80s. A time when a harlequin walked into any home before.

Okay, witches and wizards are more than Halloween but …How not to recycle the costumes of the Toussaint past? If you have endured Christmas well and it is still worth it, don’t doubt it, there will be a lot of them on the streets. If you want you can start with Carnival coloring pages and see what that tells you

And this? Nail stop doing carnival. Parades, floats and entertainment are common on the streets of hundreds of cities across the country. If you want to warm up for the parade, you better take note and check that everyone has their place. Plus, your little ones will go crazy with so many people to paint. There is no doubt, these Carnival coloring pages they are wonderful.

What do we need for Carnival? Easy: a paper hat, confetti and a noisemaker. Nothing else? Now, let the little one in the house paint it and we can brag about being an artist. One of Carnival coloring pages simpler, for the little ones.

Now yes yes it is Carnival in its purest form. A parade with horses, disguise, vsatbezudos … a marvel of tradition that has been operating in Spain for decades and which also gives Carnival coloring pages breathtaking. It’s hard to count the people there are, imagine what it must be like to color them. Patience and lots of colored pencils.

And to say goodbye, another adorable girl with a mean face. This is a version of Boo, just as smooth as the original, although more complicated to draw due to the amount of detail. Anyway, one of the Carnival coloring pages the most downloaded from the list I gave you.

And so on, until next year.

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