Carrefour Spain is launching a cotton net as an alternative to plastic bags to buy fruit and vegetables.

The Spanish network of Carrefour stores has announced that it will offer its customers reusable cotton bags to buy fruit and vegetables instead of the traditional and polluting plastic bags (normally left in rolls in the aisles). Customers can buy the cotton bag from the same supermarket or bring their own reusable bag from home.

The cotton bags available in store are washable, reusable and have a mesh where it is possible to see the fruits or vegetables. So that there is no problem when purchasing at checkout. They are offered for a value of 3.99 euros – a pack of three units.

In addition to encouraging people to bring their own reusable bags, the company also allowed its customers to bring their reusable bags and containers to purchase fruits and vegetables, delis, fishmongers, butchers and meals. cooked. The same initiative was also announced by a supermarket chain in Canada, to see if the others will put the batteries;).

According to the press release, the initiative complements the plan of measures which is being gradually implemented to reduce and eliminate plastic from its establishments and on the direct proposal of its customers. The company has already reduced 80% of the plastic in its own branded products, replacing materials and redesigning packaging.

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