In Bricolaje10 we present to you a message that has been requested for a long time. Specifically, it deals with how to build our own castle models. There are a lot of fans in the model building world. As decorative elements to develop during our leisure time or as battle scenery for some board games, For example Warhammer, the models of castles offer a spectacular result. In addition, they are great entertainment for all ages. They are an excellent excuse to spend time with our children in a common project. Likewise, they will make any corner of our house more attractive, for example our bedroom or our office. In addition, they have practical utility when they serve to give more emotion and realism to a board game that we play. Without further ado, we take you step by step on how to build model castles from different eras and materials. To battle!

Castles models

Castle models are usually available in some stores that carry them either pre-assembled or ready to build from pre-made parts. They are a great option for any purpose. We can also count on them to give more charm to our Bethlehem Portal at Christmas. What we are presenting to you today, however, are some home methods and procedures. With them, we can build models of castles to our liking. You can even provide your own symbols such as your own last name’s heraldic shield. The possibilities are enormous.


How to make a model of a castle

We have several options to choose the material of our castle model. the cardboard and the foam these are the most common options, although nowadays there are several suitable materials. A very interesting option is plastic so that we can shape stronger structures which we will cover later. In the case of cardboard, we will use tapes and glue type adhesives to assemble. In the case of foam rubber, a liquid adhesive is the best option.

There are those who go further and decide build a wooden castle model. We warn you in advance that this is the most daring option, even if the result is obviously the most spectacular. It will depend on the type of work you want to do and its function. If you plan to move the castle frequently, for example, to use it as a decoration of a board game, cardboard and foam are better options. Simply, you can consider putting its wooden base to give it greater strength and stability.

To build a castle model, we will need a large, well-equipped work surface. This factor will decisively influence the type of model of a castle that we want to make. The next thing will be to draw a picture. We can take inspiration from certain images from the Internet that show plans and appearances. On the contrary, we can refer to models of castle already completed. This option is great for seeing what details we can add to it.

If we ultimately decide to do it ourselves from scratch, we must begin our task as miniature architects. We will design a scale plan of the entire model layout, and from there, we’ll start designing each of the parts. It’s good to organize the types of parts by size and shape, assigning each a letter and number to speed up the whole process later.

Then, after cutting out the pieces, go assemble the structures that have the biggest pieces. The order will be: prepare the parts and include all the details in advance. It is much easier to do this before than to wait for the model to be assembled. Little by little, whether by means of glue, glue or duct tape, we will put all the pieces together, first the large ones and then the small ones. When you have a more or less defined structure, it is time to stick it to the base.

Finally we will paint the walls of our model and all its details. Finally, we will add all the details of the environment (trees, land, rivers, ditches, etc.).

Models of stone castles

The models of stone castles are surely the ones which offer the most spectacular results. For its construction, it is highly recommended to purchase a box of prefabricated parts. They are separated brick by brick, stone by stone and are already delivered with the right shade to give it more realism. In the case of stone castle models, the procedure is similar to that of any castle with a flat surface. In this case, the procedure is distinguished because we will add said parts at the end of the construction. It’s a good idea to use them to suggest an effect such as entry holes, false access, or projectile impacts. These types of models are inspired by medieval castles in Central Europe, so it is advisable to adapt any decor to this historical nuance.

Models of feudal castles

The models of feudal castles are the most successful in the sector. Its layout is generally that of a central tower surrounded by open spaces. It should be understood that the castles were not only a site of defense but also an urban center of life and movement.. That is why it is interesting to add some aspects of everyday life. A small market, a well, an animal stable, a pile of straw or passers-by will make the effect much more alive.


In this type of constructions, you cannot miss the coats of arms, coat of arms and heraldic shields. They are the hallmark of the noble family responsible for leading them. One touch that gives a wonderful look is that which can be given by the lichens and mosses that we can harvest in the field. A ditch and an access bridge with its torches are essential.

Models of Roman castles

Roman castles are rarer. His function was more that of strict defense, were therefore almost exclusively fortresses. Normally, these were spaces bordering the city which protected the ramparts and were therefore spaces for eminently military use. Its construction and appearance are simpler, although the touch that well-equipped Roman soldiers give them is spectacular. Recreating the siege of Rome in Cartagena, the one they left to ashes can be a fantastic way to spend our free time. Likewise, we can recreate any famous site, such as that of Numance. As we said, the possibilities are huge and when building model castles you better let your imagination run wild.


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