If your bathroom needs a good facial cleanser, don’t worry, because in this article we will show you what the Brico Depot 2020 bathroom catalog has to offer. And after reading this section, I leave you this link so that you know the complete catalog of Brico Depot. Let’s go with the Brico Depot bathrooms!


Brico Depot Baños 2020

the Brico Depot bathroom catalog brings us a good number of offers to reform our bathroom for little money, although they also give us other options of superior qualities and designs. Everything you need, you will find it in this catalog for sure, so we will comment on each of its sections, I will tell you what you can find there.

Sanitary Brico Depot

In the section Sanitary facilities In the bathroom section of the new Brico Depot catalog, we have a lot of choices to choose the style we like the most for our bathroom. We will find toilets, sinks and bidets that will cost between thirty and two hundred euros, depending on what we are looking for. Although of course the latter at prices not exceeding seventy euros

Brico Depot panels, partitions and cabins

If we are looking to modernize our bathroom by focusing on the shower part, this will be our section: panels, bulkheads and cabins by Brico Depot. As we can see, we have very diverse screens, whether fixed or folding and folding, but also with a large number of hydromassage cabins. Relaxation at home is more fashionable than ever, especially if it can become a wonderful routine for just over two hundred dollars.

Brico Depot baths and shower trays

In the Brico Depot catalog we can also find Shower trays for our bathroom, ideal if what we want is to reform this part. However, we will also find bathtubs in this section, for those who wish to replace theirs with a more current one.

Hydrotherapy and taps Brico Depot

If at home you are of different heights and you all use the same bathroom, nothing like adjustable shower rods, perfect for families with children still growing up. Although you can also choose the shower sets, which include the fixed spa style plus removable shower head.

Brico Depot bathroom furniture

Finally, we come to a fundamental element of any bathroom: the furniture. And, if yours are sinks without a body, or if you like to “dress” or hide them, Brico Depot bathroom furniture is a great option. You have interesting offers depending on the space you have and your style, you can even complete it with the standing, narrow and high bathroom furniture, perfect for bathrooms where every corner counts.

Catalog Brico Depot Bathrooms 2020: Monthly offers

In this section of the article of the Brico Depot Baños 2020 catalog you will find the monthly offers of the different brochures of this store.

Brico Depot 2020 bathroom catalog


In the March Brico Depot brochure you will find two pages for the bathroom section, where you can find furniture that you can design with the mirror. In turn, you can also see the option to add the mirror.

You also have the option of choosing a wide selection of bathroom at different prices and high quality brands. In turn, you will also see different sheet music for the bathroom.

Brico Depot bathroom catalog: previous years

Brico Depot 2020 bathroom catalog