For future moms or friends of a mom-to-be who want her to have a very special day, there is nothing quite like a Baby shower. A party where the future motherhood is celebrated, a party centered on the baby and the mother. If you want to celebrate something as beautiful as a future birth, we let you over 25 centerpieces for a baby shower.


Centerpieces for a baby shower

This holiday season, the mother and the unborn baby are the protagonists. It’s a party where there are a lot of snacks, sweet and savory, the colors are soft, in pastel tones, there are balloons, posters, banners … There are also phrases and gifts for mom and future baby, so you know that since before born, is already very expensive.

Centerpieces for a baby shower – Baby cupcakes


Create several Cupcakes in soft colors and patterns for baby, to offer him a gentle welcome.

Centerpieces for a Baby Shower – Diaper Cake


A classic that should not be missing on Baby Shower tables. They are fun and very creative.

Centerpieces for a baby shower – Center full of candy


Because we love candy and there is no sweeter way than to start a party.

Centerpieces for a baby shower – Baby basket


A very complete baby basket where there are not only diapers, but also bottles, toys and clothes for the next arrival.

Centerpieces for a baby shower – Candy Flowers


If you love jelly candies, you are going to love Caramel Flowers. They are tender and greatly adorn the center of a table.

Centerpieces for a baby shower – Baby Cake pops


A fun cake appears for the guests. Draw a funny baby face to celebrate this day.

Baby Shower Centerpieces – Sweet and Salted Popcorn


Popcorn is great for watching movies, but also for lively conversation.

Centerpieces for a baby shower – Decorative cookies


Decorated cookies are a boom in the baby world. They are always delicious with coffee.

Centerpieces for a baby shower – Salty snacks


They can’t miss you. Try the healthier side, with hummus and raw vegetables. Healthy snack to start a healthy life.

Centerpieces for a baby shower – Fruit bouquets


They have always been very showy and if you also add chocolate and different toppings, it becomes a very sweet snack.

Centerpieces for a baby shower – Healthy fruit drinks

smoothies in the center of the table for a baby shower

Because we also want to take care of ourselves. This option of homemade fruit smoothies is perfect for filling us up with vitamins.

Centerpieces for a baby shower – homemade chocolates


You can always give it a much sweeter touch with chocolate. It should not be missed, especially if there are cravings.

Centerpieces for a baby shower – Macarons


A soft but much more elegant, the lightness of your meringue cookie will delight the Baby Shower table.

Baby Shower Centerpieces – Chocolate Bar


If all the guests have a sweet tooth, put the chocolates and cookies aside. Do it in style and experience the softer side of pregnancy.

Centerpieces for a baby shower – Bottle with cocktail


Fun way to have a cocktail without alcohol or with very little for guests. You will love this original shape.

Centerpieces for a baby shower – homemade punch


Set the bottles aside and make a striking homemade punch with these colors and the rubber ducks.

Centerpieces for a baby shower – baby toys


Baby toys refer to pregnancy. What could be less than filling it with baby toys on the table.

Centerpieces for a baby shower – Baby Cake


A big cake that reveals that we are going to be a mother. It can be revealing or just decorate it with baby cookies or children’s designs.

Centerpieces for a baby shower – baskets of candy in slippers

baby shower booties center table

A detail for the guests and guests who come to the party and want to have a very sweet memory of the party.

Centerpieces for a baby shower – Balloon Baby


To call attention. The most original and creative is filling the table with balloons and making baby shapes out of balloons.

Centerpiece for a baby shower – Signature Book


You can’t miss a signature book, so that everyone wishes the best for you and your baby.

Centerpieces for a baby shower – Baby house image


Or collaborate together to create the most original painting, as a child’s first gift.

Centerpieces for a baby shower – personalized bibs


There can also be a lot of bibs, and everyone can decorate it as they like, so that baby has a different bib every day.

Centerpieces for a baby shower – Signature on a bodysuit


Or that when you fall asleep you feel protected with the words of best wishes for the little one, with this signed bodysuit.

Centerpiece for a baby shower – photo notebooks


Or a notebook with the photos with the photos of the baby when it is still in the mother’s womb.

Centerpieces for a baby shower – Balloon plush


Stuffed animals should not be missing, because they give the event a lot of sweetness. Accompany it with balloons to give it a party.

Centerpieces for a baby shower – revealing jars


Thanks to the jars, the guests will be able to find out if a boy is coming or a girl is coming.

Centerpieces for a baby shower – Stork with doll


A classic not to be missed and it’s the stork that brings the little one into the world.

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What did you like the most? What would you add or what do you think is essential? Don’t stop sharing your opinions with us, so we get together a Baby shower perfect and unique.