Little by little, the summer is ending and the cold is getting closer and closer. Winter does come eventually and having a fireplace nearby doesn’t seem like such a bad deal as it does in summer. For this reason, today we bring you charming rustic fireplace ideas.

The touch of warmth, familiarity and warmth that a fireplace gives to a home is indescribable. Much closer than a radiator. Where it will end. Hence the charming rustic fireplace ideas don’t be so crazy in the summer. Just because you put it in your home doesn’t mean you have to turn it on. You can leave it installed and enjoy it from the first hint of cold that arrives. Prevention is living, what would I say Ramón Sánchez Ocaña

Charming rustic fireplace ideas

On boarding charming rustic fireplace ideas, we have to make a major decision: the type of rustic fireplace we want. It can be brick, wood or stone. The decision is not easy, as you will see by taking a look at the charming rustic fireplace ideas that we will present to you. And which you will fall in love with.

Rustic brick fireplaces

We started the tour of the best charming rustic fireplace ideas with the most common in the 21st century. We are talking about rustic brick fireplaces. Its versatility, elegance and ability to adapt to any environment has made it an essential item in any room with space.

In this case, and although it looks like a television screen, the rustic brick fireplace it’s in the right column. New technologies have reached the world of the fireplace and allow its vision to resemble a LED display. It’s not that. By removing it, we can set it on fire as usual, but the difference is that we will see it as if we had a Netflix. Or, better yet, the Tablet fire Amazonia in 50 inch size.

Other rustic brick fireplace which wonderfully combines the contemporary with the classic is the next option. In an irregular brick column, the fireplace serves as a base. As an urn, with special glass for high temperatures, the multiplying effect of light and heat is enormous. Ideal for large open rooms.

But of course there are those who love everything to a great extent. In this case, the option of a rustic brick fireplace XXL is no exaggeration. Also, as seen in the photo, it looks great. It is enough to enlarge the space before it, with dimensions up to 1.5 meters wide. Obviously, in a 40 square meter room, it doesn’t look that big. Irregular brick lines the old-fashioned fireplace, but with a modern touch, ideal for the home. Nothing like a fire in the rustic brick fireplace giant, in the light of the stars.

The last option of rustic brick fireplaces that we bring is for those who love the classic. In a complete wooden house, if you want to break with the tone, nothing better than to do it with a classic and fatty brick fireplace. Closed by a bronze gate, ideal for making pizzas, it will give heat to the whole room and the wood will keep it like gold on a cloth. Of course, be careful with the embers. Hence the door.

Rustic wood-burning fireplaces

Fortunately, and for health reasons, catalysts were banned years ago. This fact has prompted manufacturers to put a little more heart and imagination into their rustic wood-burning fireplaces. Thank you. And here we have the sample. What could be a very classic fireplace becomes a modern and revolutionary element, changing some of its design lines.

The metallic gray color, the matching poker and the shelf to place the caps are only the confirmation that the rustic wood-burning fireplaces have fully entered the 21st century. Welcome.

But of course there are classics that never die. If we go to the city, to a rural house or if we get lost in the mountains, like in a horror movie, the most normal is to find one. rustic wood-burning fireplace. Scared. Yes, the house too. If it’s not from someone you know, don’t stay too long. Take the picture and go out for the legs.

And if the rustic brick fireplaces They may have doors, why not rustic wood-burning fireplaces. This design allows you to put a fireplace in any room in the house, yes, with a smoke outlet. In addition, the door prevents everything from getting lost in the ashes.

Finally, a classic that never fails to rustic wood-burning fireplaces, the cage model fireplace. Control the fire and the sticks.

Rustic stone fireplaces

We completed our review at charming rustic fireplace ideas with three rustic stone fireplaces. An increasingly fashionable material, for obvious reasons. Durable, economical and aesthetic like few others. Without going any further, this piece, with a zen touch of Ibiza, all in white, except the revolutionary rustic stone fireplace. A wonder.

Another option is the rustic stone fireplace round. The thing on the bench by the door seems like a good idea for clubs, but not for people to sit on. Unless you want to be toasted, literally, in just over half an hour.

The last idea we bring is not ours. In addition, it is perhaps the oldest model of fireplace in existence. This rustic stone fireplace it is cut, directly, in a large stone which is shaped. Used to cook large quantities of food, its use is less and less and happens to be the least aesthetic of those presented. Still, its conservative charm makes it impossible not to include it.

Rustic built-in fireplaces

There are those who want to put a fireplace in their living room but the house is already finished. It can be quite complicated and involve a lot of work. This is why a good solution is rustic built-in fireplaces. Inside the house, they only need a hole in the wall for the mouth.

The fireplace, the hood and the smoke outlet will be placed outside the house. You have surely seen an example of what we are talking about. Houses with a vertical and narrow annex, usually made of stone or wood.

On the outside, the work that was done to add the fireplace is more than obvious, but the interior will be fully integrated, part of the living room.

Rustic glazed fireplaces

Another option for installing a fireplace in a finished living room is rustic glass fireplaces. They demand a smoke outlet which will be what will mean more work, but they can be installed anywhere at once.

These are unique pieces that they can be enjoyed from any angle in the room.

Be careful not to touch it and that children or animals do not. Glass will get very hot, and although it is special to resist the heat of fire, it is easy to get burned with it.

These are models that integrate modern trends in a house with a more rural and classic atmosphere. A fusion of styles that works perfectly.

Rustic marble fireplaces

Whenever we think of rustic fireplaces, it’s common for those with brick or stone finishes to come to mind. But the truth is, marble can also be perfect. In reality, marble is also a stone.

This material can be used for the top shelf, for the outside frame and even for making the whole house. This material cleans very well, so even if you choose a white marble, don’t worry about the ash, it will come off easily with a rag and soap.

Rustic fireplaces with bench

We like this idea very much and it can be incorporated into any type of fireplace. It consists of extending them forward with the same material that the fireplace itself was built. That way, you can take advantage of a built-in bench to sit on to enjoy the fire and warm up.

As you can see in the picture, they are also very useful for storing firewood or anything else you need to manage the fireplace. You can also leave a blanket on the bench so that when you pick it up, it is warm.

These types of benches give a very romantic and cozy air to living rooms. You are surely getting a lot more out of it than you might think.

Rustic outdoor fireplaces

This idea is right for regions where winter is not particularly severe. Or for those who want to enjoy fall and spring outdoors and have another rustic fireplace indoors.

If you have a large yard in your home, you can install a rustic outdoor fireplace. This way you can enjoy the nights when it is already starting to get colder with your fireplace on an outdoor seat. It is a magical place to read, discuss or taste a good wine.

Plus, if the fireplace is open, you can grill things in it, from meat skewers to knick-knacks.

The only downside is that you won’t be able to use it in very cold places. It is not the same to approach this rustic outdoor fireplace on a day when the temperatures are a little cooler than trying to use it when it is below freezing or with heavy snowfall.

Rustic arched fireplaces

It is less and less frequent to see this type of fireplace. Now we all bet more on straight, well-defined lines. Space like this is easier to enjoy, and they give them a more modern touch. Even so, arched fireplaces should not be looked down upon. They get more space in the hearth of the fireplace to be able to use them as a kitchen.

These fireplaces are designed to be able to roast whole animals and thus benefit from their dual use. Ideally, include a support for the tray or rack you will be placing the animal on.

Rustic wood-burning fireplaces

Wood is another way to build rustic fireplaces. It made her look distinguished and magnificent. Especially if the wood is well worked.

The fireplace inside obviously cannot be made of wood. It is better to be stone or brick to withstand the heat of the flames. If everything was made of wood, it could burn. Even so, a good combination of dark wood with the interior you wish you could make a unique and precious piece.

Rustic fireplaces in white

For a more modern, Nordic-influenced style, you can paint your brick fireplace white. All of her can go in this color, combined with the black of the fireplace box, or with the interior stone, it is better that this interior is dark to better resist the agitation of the ashes. If it is all white, it will immediately stain and become ugly.

With the right decoration, you can achieve a modern and rustic living room while being totally cozy.

Rustic metal fireplaces

Finally, we bring you an example of rustic metal fireplaces. These fireplaces are outdoor, they don’t go inside the wall, and they are old fashioned and very beautiful. The problem, like with glazing, is that they will get hot soon and it is best not to touch them. We have to be very careful in this regard.

Although they may seem small, the truth is that these types of fireplaces are very powerful and easily distribute heat throughout the house.

The good thing is that it is very easy to clean. The fireplace is usually removable, so it is very easy to empty and wash it. And the exterior is cleaned with a damp cloth in one pass. Of course, you have to wait for it to cool down to be able to do this.

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