Whether you want to give someone an original gift or your children are bored at home because they have had enough of their old toys, make a game of checkers This is a good option that will only take a little time and patience on your part.



It is a strategy game for two players. The game board consists of eight rows of eight black and white squares that alternate. Each player controls 12 identical pieces (each player controls pieces of a different color, black and white), although a new type of piece may appear during the game. Despite the fact that the rules of the tiles are simple, the strategies that can be applied are very sophisticated.

To start the game, each player places their pieces on each black square of the three rows closest to the player’s side.

Starting with the player who controls the black pieces, each player takes their turn to move a piece. In normal movement, a piece can move diagonally to an empty square, that is, you can move to one of the two black squares that touch the front corners of the square you are currently on.

Pieces can also “jump” over opposing pieces. To do this, there must be an opposing piece on a square diagonally to (and in front of) the square your piece is currently on. There should be no pieces on the square behind the diagonally opposite piece. The moving piece moves on the opposite piece and is placed in that last empty square. Thus, the opposite piece is removed from the table. If the moving part, when it reaches its new position, can jump again, it must do so.

Unlike normal movement, performing a “jump” is compulsory if possible. If more than one piece can jump, the player can choose which one to move.

The piece that reaches the last row on the opponent’s side becomes a king. The player places a second coin on it to indicate that it is a special coin. This piece will now be able to move diagonally back and forth and jump in any direction.

The game ends when a player has removed all of the opposing player’s pieces. Alternatively, if a player has no movement possible, for example if the only remaining piece is cornered by a double row of opposing pieces, the opposing player wins.

Chinese checkers

There is a variation of the game of checkers called Chinese Checkers. Periods are different from normal women (can play up to 6 players) but its game board is less famous and more colorful. The tray features a six-pointed star shape with small holes to accommodate coins. The parts are usually balls, but sometimes pegs are also used. Players start with ten pieces arranged in the corner corresponding to their color.

In a two-player game, players must play opposite colors. When three players compete against each other, the players must leave an empty space between them. So there can be a maximum of 6 players. However, it should be added that Chinese Checkers cannot be a five-player game, as that would leave one player competing against an empty side of the board.

To start the game, the players they will draw who begins to move. Each turn, each player can move one of his pieces to an adjacent square. Players also have the option to “jump” on opposing pieces in the same way as in classic checkers.

Even if players can only move pieces from one space to another, they can do as many jumps as they want if there is the possibility of doing it successively. In Chinese checkers, the sauteed pieces are not removed from the board. When a player’s piece is inserted into the initial triangle in which the opponent’s pieces were located, he cannot leave that area. However, the part can be moved into the area normally.

Victory is won by the first player to place their ten pieces in the player’s starting triangle directly in front of them. In the event that the ten pieces cannot be placed due to an opponent’s block, the player who inserted the most pieces in his opponent’s starting square will win.

How to make a game of checkers


To begin, lay a sheet of black paper on a flat surface. This will be the base of the game board.

Then cut a white paper out of 32 squares of 3 centimeters each. Now place them on the black paper, forming four rows of four and leaving exactly 3 inches of space between each square on all sides. You should have one grid with alternating colored squaress. Once everything is ready, glue the cut squares on the black background following this pattern and you will have the game board.

To create the pieces, cut out of a black paper 14 circles of 1 centimeter in diameter (We will have 2 more coins to create kings or in case we lose a coin). Use one of these to cut 14 more circles out of white paper. Once this is done you can start playing checkers.

How to Make Chinese Checkers


Get a starter wooden board at least 1 centimeter thick and 50 centimeters from side to side. With a drill, drill holes with an 8 millimeter drill bit following the pattern shown in the previous image (there should be 10 holes in each triangle of the star where the pieces are initially housed). Be careful not to dig them too deep because their only function is that the spherical parts do not move.

Finally, we will use marbles of different colors in pieces. You will need 10 marbles of each color to add a total of 60 as there can be up to 6 players at the same time. Once done, you will have completed your Chinese checkers game.

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