Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Image: Fotokon Shutterstock

the Chernobyl accident stressed the dangers of nuclear power, although there are some supporters of this form of electricity generation to combat climate change. Thirty-two years later, the factory resurfaced with the installation of a solar platform made up of 3,800 panels.

Nuclear power is not a renewable source of energy, although someone could tell you the opposite. It requires uranium, a non-renewable and very dangerous material. Generate many radioactive waste which must be stored safely because they take about 10,000 years to neutralize.

The implications for human life have been devastating. The effects of the nuclear bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki health problems for future generations. It’s no secret that nuclear weapons can destroy the planet as we know it.

In 1986, an accident occurred at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Reactor 4 slain 30 people directly, between operators and firefighters in three months (19 other workers subsequently died between 1987 and 2004 from radiation), and countless other deaths indirectly later. An abandoned city and uninhabitable land following the nuclear accident.

Chernobyl solar power plant.

Chernobyl is located approximately 130 km north of Kiev in Ukraine and 20 km south of the border with Belarus. Today, it offers a completely different picture from that of the accident. Despite the danger of the area due to the radiation levels, a solar power plant has been built on land that has no use and will not have it in the future.

The system consists of 3800 capture panels, capable of supplying energy to 2,000 homes. This is a joint project between the Ukrainian company Rodina and the German Enerpac AG, at an approximate cost of 1 million euros.

Benefits of solar energy.

The energy of the sun offers an unlimited source of energy which does not harm the environment, does not generate carbon dioxide emissions and helps fight climate change. Maintenance is minimal, as solar panels have a useful life of up to 30 years. Although you have challenges to overcome, your efficiency improves every day.

The Chernobyl solar power plant is part of a state policy to promote renewable energies, through a subsidy program. In 2018, 500 megawatts of solar power capacity in Ukraine.


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