Chicago skyline
Chicago skyline. Image: Iris_Images Shutterstock

Chicago made history when it announced that it would become the largest city in the United States to commit to 100% renewable energy by 2040.

It is, in the words of Kyra Woods, Chicago organizer of the Sierra Club’s Ready for 100 Action campaign, “a monumental achievement“.


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According to the Sierra Club, the city council unanimously approved a resolution committing the city to use 100% renewable energy in public buildings by 2035 and to electrify the city’s bus fleet by 2040.

The non-binding resolution, endorsed by Chicago’s Ready for 100 Action collective, refers to the extreme weather conditions, including catastrophic flooding, that the region is already experiencing. “Climate change“, He says, “will bring unprecedented environmental changes including extreme heat, heavy rains and flooding to our region“.

“Residents of communities facing disproportionate environmental impacts and vulnerability of the population, as well as other communities in Chicago, want a just transition away from all fossil fuels that prioritize environmental justice, health public, community self-determination, high-quality jobs and property opportunities for local residents, ”the resolution also states.

As Woods pointed out, the initiative adds the Midwestern metropolis to a list of more than 100 cities, including Atlanta, Berkeley, California, and Gainesville, Florida, that have adopted clean energy goals.

“The Chicago Collective that drafted this resolution – made up of frontline environmental justice communities, green groups and labor unions – shows that Chicago can not only build a secure future for generations to come, but a truly just transition.” also creates good jobs. and sustainable for the livelihoods of communities. We look forward to working with the Mayor’s office to make our vision of a just transition a reality.

Kassie Beyer, Jobs to Move America Illinois campaign manager.

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