At WoodMe we want your home to be always up to date and for this the furniture that may be the most difficult for you or that you have more to choose from will be children’s rooms.

The children’s furniture, are the pieces of furniture that we will place in the bedrooms of our son, but the truth is, these can vary the same as the little ones grow up and they will need us to tailor their furniture to their needs.

What are the essential furniture in children’s rooms:

  • A bed or a cradle: If we still have a baby it is necessary that they sleep in a cradle, as they grow we can buy one of these beds that will initially use bars so that the year old does not fall . And then when they grow up, we can remove those bars. These beds can be used up to the age of 8 or 9.
  • Wardrobe: Closets are also very necessary for storing children’s clothes. Although at first we will have emptied it as they grow older, eventually we will give it the same use as we can give it ourselves.
  • Dresser: Drawers aren’t fully mandatory, but the truth is that almost every nursery has them. At first, they can even be used to store baby’s diapers and little by little we can use them to store all kinds of clothes.
  • the shelves: Finally, we can add the shelves to the children’s furniture essential. In fact, they are good for storing books or placing some of your children’s dolls.

It would be a priority children’s furniture that we will have to buy first or that we will have to think about when setting up the children’s room.

In stores like Ikea or Merkamueble we will be able to buy all these pieces of furniture and even others that we can choose to have or not according to the age of the child and our personal tastes.

Other children’s furniture:

  • Changing table : Usually almost every baby room that we can find in the children’s furniture market includes a changing table that is placed next to the cradle and that we can take apart later so that we can have another item to be able to place things on top. It is not necessary to have a changing table, but the truth is that at night and if our baby wakes us up, they will be great for us to avoid having to change him outside his room.
  • Chairs with desk: These are elements of children’s rooms that are a little bigger and need their space to study.
  • Armchairs or bouffants: Usually in bedrooms and among children’s furniture we do not find armchairs, although in order for them to have a corner to relax, we can choose to buy them a pouf that they also sell with colors and shapes. very fun.

I leave you a photo gallery of the best children’s furniture:

Children’s furniture video:

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