Children’s rugs are varied and sometimes original, but if we are looking for the right one for our home, we must also take into account that they are functional and adapt to the space they need to occupy. We want to show you the best options for the rugs that you can place in the children’s room below.

children's rugs

Children’s rugs:

children's rugs

Although any rug we have in the house or want to buy can be used by the little ones, we have to say that there are models and styles more suited to their needs and so now we can see what kinds of children’s rugs we can buy.

Think kids tend to lie on the floor when it comes to playing for a good time, so I’ve told you before that having a good kids rug would be great. something essential to prevent them from catching cold. In addition, they can be found today in all kinds of sizes and shapes and even with designs that encourage children to include them in their games.

Types of children’s rugs:


Printed carpets for children. Anything that is stars, animals, clouds, airplanes, etc. are things that can appear on children’s rugs and that they love too. This type of carpet also has shapes which can be rectangular or oval so that we can use them in large and small rooms. The ones in the top image, you might have guessed, belong to the signature of Agatha Ruiz de la Prada.

PARIS - 2010

Carpets of different shapes: The rugs that have specific shapes like those of a car, or those of a house are also very suitable for children and also for those who always “escape” to play on the floor and unstick themselves from the carpet, safe that, in a fun and original way, they will end up integrating them into their Game.


Play mat: Although shaped rugs are perfect for our children to free their imagination while protecting themselves from the cold, we can say that on the market there are models that are sold so that the little ones in the house can play with them. In this way, one can find models which, for example, are a puzzle to be solved, or others which have a drawing of roads or a city, so that they can play with their cars lying on their carpet, as is the case of the top photo which belongs to the signature Habitat.

We see how children’s rugs can then serve us both to protect children from cold floors and to keep them from getting stained while playing.

Composition and how to choose the children’s rug:

choice of children's rugs

In addition, we must add that the composition of children’s rugs can be fiber, which are harder and protect something more, while those of cotton or wool are ideal for babies because they are softer and softer.

When choosing the carpet for our children’s room, we must take into account factors such as space above all, While these types of rugs are generally small, many of them just don’t fit when we place them. In addition, let us take into account the toys that children have or what their tastes are in case we opt for a specific shape and in this way we might surprise them.

Now I leave you a photo gallery of children’s rugs:

Video of children’s rugs:

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