China’s largest solar energy storage project has been connected to the grid: 2,200 MW (2.2 GW).

Sungrow, the leading supplier of inverters for renewable energy projects, shared the news of a new record. With the hydroelectric development of Huanghe, Sungrow has been very involved in the project.

Next to the huge 2.2 GW solar photovoltaic park, there is a 202.86 MW / 202.86 MWh energy storage plant. Removing all that nearby electricity and integrating it into the larger grid presents its own challenges, and this is where an ultra-high voltage 800 kV power line comes in.

Sungrow offers its portfolio of photovoltaic and energy storage products with an integrated sub-grid power management function that can be used to control solar energy storage and production, helping to improve the accuracy of solar energy. solar production forecasts. El sistema de microred flexablemente construido con el sistema fotovoltaico y de almacenamiento de energía de Sungrow puede suministrar electricidad en el período inicial de construcción, lo que lo convierte en uno de los proyectos de energía renovable más rápidos, con unucción duración 4 months.


Sungrow claims to be “the world’s most profitable investor brand“, And confirms this statement with more than 120 GW of technology installed worldwide.

The company, founded by university professor Cao Renxian, claims to have the “the largest dedicated R&D team in the industryIn addition, it offers more than solar PV inverters and related technologies. It also sells energy storage systems of all sizes – for commercial and residential use – and participates in the construction of floating solar PV plants. he company was founded in 1997.

This network of more than 120 GW of solar photovoltaic systems using Sungrow inverters covers more than 120 countries, giving the company a market share of more than 15% worldwide.

As solar technology continues to improve and its price drops, new solar records continue to be set.