Hanergy solar panels

That China is consolidating itself day by day as a leader in the manufacture of solar panels is not news. The ranking of the 10 largest global suppliers in 2017 leaves no doubt. But now the progress is going further and extending to the effectiveness of these technologies. In this area, the Hanergy company has just hit the table (more like two), beating as many efficiency records with its new GaAs and CIGS solar modules.

Based in Beijing, the multinational has raised notes to 25.1% in the case of conversion efficiency for single junction solar modules. “It is the most efficient ever produced”, reaffirms the thread in a Release Alta Devices, a subsidiary of the previous one established in the United States.

The second record was broken by Hanergy by the hand of the Germany-based company Brochure. In this case, its latest CIGS thin film solar module (based on copper, indium, gallium and selenium) jumped to 18.72% in terms of efficiency. This result and the previous one were accredited by independent German laboratories.

Specialized in this type of technology and with a production capacity of up to 145 MW, Solibro has achieved this in an area of ​​1.19 × 189.5 millimeters. “Solibro once again leaves its competitors behind and sets a new record”, affects the company, whose solutions are applied in a multitude of fields, such as commercial or industrial, as well as in areas with very different climatic conditions.

For its part, the success of Alta Devices stands out, not only by the result, but also by the possibilities it opens up with its advance on single junction cells. “As we move towards a world of self-contained machines, the development of energy sources that can be replenished without interruption is increasingly important.”, they specify from the American subsidiary of Hanergy.

The focus on this point is basically explained by the potential uses of the new GaAs recording module. Although there are many, among them stands out their ability to propel drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), electric vehicles in general, in addition to smart sensors. For them, underlines Alta Devices, to date, there was no other option than low-yield solar solutions.

Now the paradigm changes with a proposal that has been promoted with the objective of “Demonstrate a world record of efficiency at commercial scale and mass production”, in the words of Jian Ding, vice president of Hanergy Thin Film and general manager of Alta Devices. In addition, the possibilities to apply, not that there are, but they will increase. “The uses of this type of thin and flexible solar solutions are growing and are increasingly critical”.

As long as progress continues in this area, the progress made by Hanergy translates into panels that double their performance compared to other solutions of the thin film solar market. In addition, the double record further strengthens China’s role in this industry.