Decorate the door for christmas It is one of the most important elements when planning your home for Christmas. Truly, the door is the first thing guests and neighbors see, so it can’t be left like any other day of the year. Decorating can be a lot of fun! We want to share with you some ideas that can be very practical for the Christmas decoration 2020.

December is usually the kick-off for Christmas decoration: doors, bedrooms, Christmas trees, nativity scenes, garlands … Personally, I consider the door to be one of the most important elements, it’s like gift wrap, warns you how special the content it hides can be, so you have to pamper this decoration a lot.

How to decorate the Christmas doors?

If you live in a large house and in the suburbs, surely you can place Christmas lights outside your home to light up your home with that happiness that they transmit. Well, you can also include this type of lights on the doors, along with Christmas garlands and wreaths.

Doors decorated for Christmas 2020

On the other hand, it is very easy to get a decoration for the door of the house either because we live in an apartment or in a big house.

If you have a little idea and want to be original, you can make your own wreath to decorate the door on Christmas and your own children can help you have a fun time in this way which later will result in a very beautiful and Christmas door.

Doors decorated for Christmas 2020

What is always important to keep in mind is that the exterior decoration must be in harmony with the interior, so that everything is harmonious.

Of course, if you can only decorate the door (whether it’s for time or money or lack of interest) go ahead and take the best of yourself and be extravagant, put on whatever you want. like the most.

Doors decorated for Christmas 2020

As with everything decorating, there are no proper rules, the only thing you need to follow is your own style. Some will love it and some will hate it but no matter how it makes other people feel, the important thing is that it fulfills and motivates you, makes your days happy and makes you feel the Christmas spirit.

christmas design for the door

As you can see from the photographs we are sharing with you that you may find inspiring, there are many different decor styles. Some are more related to crafts, like the latter, others are more aimed at attracting attention or creating images from films.

Either way, don’t stop creating something of your own this Christmas. With a few decorative elements, you can already have your Christmas door.

christmas flower doll

Recycle to decorate your Christmas door

Now that everything about recycling is so hot (and I hope such a great trend doesn’t pass!), We can create Christmas wreaths for the door with recycled materials such as colored paper, plastics and other recycled elements (buttons, threads, etc.).

recycled fabric red christmas garland

On the other hand, as I show you in the photo, with some connections You can see how you can make the most fun and original wreath.

Another option might be to take garlands and balls and make it a compact bunch to place on top of the door and of course with a little mistletoe another of the Christmas traditions that is placed on all the doors.


As seen in the pictures, the most common idea for making Christmas doors and decorating our own is to use some holly. We can place it as a wreath and hang it on the door, or we can use it as a plant and place it in the Christmas door frame, surrounding it. Also, if we make an ornament such as garlands from holly, we can use other additional decorative elements, such as Christmas balls. For crowns, as seen in the example above, you can use dried fruits or artificial like apples, very typical of Christmas and Christmas doors.


If our door is a little bigger or if we have one christmas door with frame, we can make an idea as original as the one we see here. With Christmas balls of different sizes and a little bit of garlands, you can have a Christmas result as beautiful as this one. To make it more elegant, go for Christmas balls and garlands in the same color.

If you want to know how decorate with christmas balls, we recommend that you read this article full of photos with many ideas:


If we are nature lovers, we can do a whole Christmas door decorated with plants and Christmas trees. In the photo above we see a Christmas wreath made of mistletoe and surrounding it a frame made of holly. In addition, the plants below also have mistletoe as can be appreciated by its red fruits.

The lights They also play a very important role when decorating a Christmas door. Although during the day we don’t like them, at night they give a very warm and cozy touch to our house. In the example above, the light comes from Christmas trees with lights and others that hung next to the holly that frames the door.


Another great element of Christmas is snow. With it we can decorate our Christmas doors. For this we can buy a spray of artificial snow and sprinkle it on the Christmas door decorations or, we can also wait for it to fall naturally.


While you would never say the skates are Christmas decorations, if you think about it, they are a big part of those dates. For example, in New York, the skating rink that is set up in front of Rockefeller Center every year at Christmas is legendary and all New Yorkers go ice skating. Therefore, a very good idea is to complete a few blade skates with a little holly and hang them on the door of our house. Stick with this idea to make very original Christmas doors.


It is also possible to make decorations from elegant christmas doors. One key to doing this is to make everything the same color. If you go with this idea, make sure the color identifies Christmas. You can for example choose between red, green, blue, gold, silver and white.


Finally, if you don’t want to decorate the Christmas doors with the classic Christmas wreaths, you can choose this original example and hang a star on your door. This star represents the shooting star Christmas Day and, if we put lights on it, it can light up the entrance to our house at night.

How to make our own Christmas door wreath

We can choose several materials to make our own Christmas wreaths for the door although maybe the traditional one made with cypress leaves or pine is the best option.

For this we need to take cypress leaves, ten or twelve of which will be enough, and we will have to make a circle with them. We can glue them once the circle is done.

When we have our ccircle made of leavesYou can then choose to “roll” around a small garland or a golden band combined with a red for example.

In the central part above the crown, we can put a little bell, or Christmas balls.


It’s a simple wreath that we can make to make it shine on our christmas door although there are also other decoration options.


Photos of the Christmas doors 2020