Christmas is perhaps the time of year when we can devote more time to decorating. And although one of the areas that occupies us the most time in Christmas decoration, it is not the only one since we can also devote ourselves to the kitchen. Next in DIY 10, Christmas Decoration Kitchen 2014.


Christmas kitchen decoration 2014


Christmas decorations for the kitchen it may seem rare or limited But the truth is that with a little imagination we can make our kitchen exude a warm and special atmosphere just like any other room in the house.

That’s why we want to give you below some decorating ideas that have to do with Christmas, and which are perfect to place in the kitchen.

How to decorate our kitchen for Christmas:


  • The kitchen is a part of the house which has a very clear function and more Christmas because it is the place where we cook all the dishes and menus that we will taste later in our christmas table and familiar, so for create atmosphere, we can hang garland or ornament it gives it another air.
  • Thus, we can say that the Christmas decoration for the kitchen will generally be simple and rare since it is not recommended for example that let’s put a tree or a nursery that they will occupy us spaces and that they can also cause an accident if we cook.
  • The best is to bet to profit from it, and for example the kitchen curtain rod can be used to hang an ornament like tree balls or garlands.
  • The drawer handles or even the one in the fridge is also a good place to enjoy to be able to decorate and in this way we can roll up the occasional garland.
  • Another “idea” that we give you is to take advantage of the extractor hood in the kitchen to also place a Christmas garland or why not, take a template that is Christmas to use one of these sprays that simulate snow.

You see that with these ideas and nothing else, Christmas decorations for the kitchen will be ready I repeat that it is not advisable to reload the environment too much because we do not spend a lot of time in the kitchen and it is also a place where all these decorations can disturb a little if we are generally in a hurry to do food.

Also in the kitchen we can choose another decoration that is something more natural:


  • The Christmas decoration for the kitchen can also be focused on the “natural” and with this mI mean plants because there are those we call Usually small “Christmas plants” that we can place in our kitchen window.
  • On another side mistletoe also can not be missing in our Christmas decoration And so things are, we can hang a bit in some parts of the kitchen and of course, on the door.

Now I leave you a small photo gallery of the Christmas kitchen decoration:

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