Climatetrade is an ecosystem where businesses and consumers can easily offset their carbon footprint, invest in sustainable financial products and participate in disruptive technologies and projects that seek to mitigate the effects of climate change.

The project is the result of the agreement between Acciona and Spanish tech startup Climate Blockchain Initiatives (CBI), a pioneering experience in the world that streamlines and simplifies transactions with full traceability, security and transparency.

With Climatetrade, you can buy carbon credits to offset your emissions, earn profits while financing climate change projects, participate as a group in global project finance strategies.

How it works.

ClimateTrade’s main competitive advantage is the use of blockchain, which allows it to streamline and greatly simplify the process, without reducing security. The sales procedures for emission rights certificates (CERs) covered by the Kyoto Protocol, which now take more than two months to complete, can be completed via ClimateTrade in just 48 hours.

Carbon credits.

The Carbon credits or credits it is an international decontamination mechanism to reduce polluting emissions; It is one of the three mechanisms proposed in the Kyoto protocol to reduce emissions that cause global warming and the greenhouse effect.

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