Did you know that color has temperature? When we speak of hot or cold lights, we are not referring to physical heat, but to the tone that they can contribute. With the following tips we discovered a vital concept with regard to lighting and treatment of the decoration of our interiors.

The most natural lighting temperature

The starting point of this theory is the sun, the source of light and energy that governs the world. When it comes out, its reddish color is the warmest on the palette and, over the hours, its light turns yellow until it turns white, and at the end of the day it recovers its orange-red tint. This guideline guides us when it comes to lighting our home in the most natural and rational way.

Light to relax and light to start

According to the sun, the warmest light is the one that allows us a state of greater relaxation and well-being, typical of the early hours of the morning and late afternoon, while the coldest light is typical of hours of great activity: the part center of the day. The color temperature of artificial light is measured in degrees Kelvin – the higher the number, the colder the color of the lamp.

An environment, a temperature

Warm tones should be reserved for social areas and bedrooms. Living rooms, dining rooms, game rooms will be lit with lamps of about 2,700 degrees Kelvin or, which is the same, warm lighting. Lamps with cold curtains, around 5,000 degrees Kelvin, are reserved for busy areas: kitchens, offices, study rooms or gyms.

There is no color, but light reflections

Our eyes do not appreciate the color, but the reflection of the light that illuminates the objects. Light consists of the seven colors of the rainbow and the pigments contained in objects absorb certain colors, reflecting others. Thus, the quality of the color reproduction of the lamps directly influences the colors of the decoration, changing or maintaining them.

Essential natural colors in our home

The ability of lamps to reproduce natural colors well is measured by CRI Scale or Color Rendering Index. The closer we are to 100, the more faithfully we will see the colors of our decor. Experts recommend lamps with good reproduction, whose CRI exceeds 75, since color is essential for the comfort and beauty of the environment.