the fathers Day It’s always a very special day when it’s a good time to give her gifts and let her know how much we love her. They love to receive gifts made by their children, so with these coloring pages for him fathers Day, you can surprise it and make it your own Artwork.


Get them to print these designs for you and go for it, because the design will be done, but the magic is done by the little ones.

Coloring page fathers day

With those drawings, imagination and creativity are not limited, but rather are encouraged to complement it with different ideas and starting from a base. So you have to be ready to take the jump on the road, because here we have a series of Coloring page fathers day, which are perfect. You can accompany them with a bouquet of flowers, a personalized mug or a doll …

A sign to hang on the door

Because we are very proud of dad, a good man, loves us, plays with us and helps us. Now we want everyone to know except daddy and nothing better than to make a coloring which can also be hung on the door.

A sign for hang on the street door and let everyone know how much we love her. In this drawing we can color the letters, house, add some grass Make a portrait of dad on another piece of paper or crop a photo of it and put it in place of the drawing.

After painting it to our liking, we only have cut the outline following the dotted line and hang on the door of the house, on the button.

A very special vest

What do you think of the idea of in addition to coloring, being able to cut and turn our design into a greeting card. Surely you like the idea and this is what we propose to give to dad on Father’s Day 2020. A very special greeting card, we paint it first in front and behind. As you can see he is wearing a bow tie, collared shirt and waistcoat.

You can also add buttons for shirt, use sequins for the vest or draw a handkerchief in the waistcoat pocket.

Once you’ve painted it, we cut out the outline of the drawing and bend in two to transform our drawing into a greeting card. Inside we can write lovely quotes to dad, tell him how much we love him and how we love to play with him. A gift you will never forget.

Bright poster

A poster like those in the cinema or in the amusement park, illuminated signs so that dad always knows how much we love him. A poster that can be painted with fluorescent paints so that at night it lights up and thus always remembers what it means to us.

This poster will be paint it different colors, red, green or daddy’s favorite colors. If you are also learning letters, you can tell mom which letter to paint, then find the letter mom told us and paint it in the color you prefer.

This poster will look great if we then use a picture frame that we don’t use or frame it. So dad can put it on the table or near the bed so that we are always by his side.

A certificate of good father

A certificate that in addition to coloring, we need to fill in. First we will have to put the name of the best dad and then who grants it and no one better than their own children. A poster that can be painted in cheerful colors to celebrate the Fathers day 2020 or with more muted colors as if it were a real certificate.

To color this poster in addition to the letters, we can color the background and especially The turtle who carries in his hands a big heart. A nice gift for dad who will fill you with pride and above all love. If you also want you can make a frame for dad to hang up.

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The planets

In the many drawings coloring pages that you will find online, we offer you the possibility to prepare this special drawing of two planets, the earth and saturn and it also carries a very nice message such as “You are the best dad in the world, on earth and on Saturn. “You can take advantage of these Father’s Day coloring pages to learn a bit more about these planets and what would be the appropriate colors to paint each one.


Moreover, on earth, as some continents look like, you can also guess which of them is. If you prefer, once you’re done color the picture for fathers day 2020, then you can stick it on a card or write on the back a nice personalized message.

I love you

Another of fathers day coloring pages 2020 that we bring to you is one that has a very clear message that says “I love you daddy. “You can paint it with the colors you like the most and add some sparkly details to make it more attractive.

I love you very much coloring for father's day

If you dare, you can place this design on a slightly firmer cardboard and then add detail on eva rubber, so that the drawing has a little more texture.


Another way to give him a very special gift as a coloring picture for him Fathers Day Those are diplomas with messages very special who have coloring drawings. These are degrees you can give to the most generous daddy in the world or the funniest daddy of all. In any case, you must indicate your father’s name and your own signature to be able to issue a full diploma. personalized.

diploma best father in the world

After painting all fathers day diploma drawingYou have the option of asking an adult for help to supervise him and thus offer a very nice gift to dad.


It is simply magnificent. For those who are very interested in writing and want to write their first few sentences for dad, better this type of fathers day coloring. You can write in each of the hearts how you feel about them and then you can color them normally.


This way, he will show dad how hard he is working to tell him that he loves him.

Coloring page fathers day: with message

Perfect for those who are new to writing or at least are interested in learning right away. They just have to think of a short sentence and write it with markers in the hole dedicated to the message.


So i know can color, in the message if necessary and for the rest of the drawing. You can add more sentences if you see you fail, you can always place a piece of white cardboard on different sides, to go several messages to dad.


It’s him More fun, especially if you are some brothers. If there is a character left, it can always be the mother.

We will focus on customizing each of the dolls first, so that you get the big picture and think the characters in that word are the same. family members. We will take care of the hair, the type of clothes, we can always color them and help each other with a marker, to do more details.

Collective coloring pages for Father's Day

Now is the time to color it in and the colors you like the most will be used. For the colors of the word “DAD”, we will use more colorful colors. You can get a gold or silver marker, so that the dazzling word.


It’s fun because the characters are very alive and with just a touch up of black marker, we can customize them to put on a ponytail, hooks, freckles and clothes, they can also be customize with the same marker.

It is only remaining Color it and in the hole of the page, put a photo with the characters that appear in the photo.


The best thing while painting is that you do not stick out of the edges so that the design looks very beautiful and if you can use a good colouring pencils so that the memory lasts longer.

Enlist the help of an elderly person whenever you need it and let your imagination and creativity fly to make this the most beautiful drawing you have ever received in the world. fathers Day. Plus, you can always add little details to your masterpiece. You can use some of the purpurine, add to it stickers, another message on a folded cardboard and you can still put pictures around characters added to the drawing.

Don’t forget to give him a kiss and a hug in addition to your gift, so that he can enjoy whatever artist What are you.

Father’s Day coloring page for free download

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