Few combinations like marble and wood offer such naturalness and style. The result, far from looking “past”, offers a certain air of modernity

Marble and wood are two natural materials for construction and decoration that not only have not been used since man became a man, but have also been a trend. Innovations were made in the way of working, caring and treating, and even in their use, but in essence, wood and marble continue to provide the same class and style as ever.

With both materials, depending on the environment and the way they are used, they can be obtained from very classic and even rustic environments, to others that are surprisingly current. In combinations that use dark-toned woods, the result is much more classic than in those that use light-toned woods, such as oak, so in vogue today.

It is also worth mentioning that in case of use without much success, the result is especially bad, leaving the feeling of “Incompatible materials”. However, with the following images it can be easily demonstrated that this is not true and that they match perfectly.

The combination of wood and marble can be found in any room of the house, but it will be in the kitchens and bathrooms where we will find it most often.

marble flooring in the bathroom
wood and marble kitchen
wooden marble kitchen countertop
wooden kitchen cabinets and marble facade
Wooden and marble bathroom

Both materials can be used to manufacture the same item, or even use both at the same time. For example, countertops can be made of marble or wood. Floors or coverings too, but it is also that in these cases we can use both alternating them, forming geometric figures or in any other way that occurs to us.

Marble and wood in the manufacture of furniture

wood and marble furniture

Wood and marble are not only combined in large construction elements, we also find them in the manufacture of furniture or small details.