You need to buy a window, but you are not sure what the standard or usual measurements are. Here we tell you and also how to measure them correctly

standard window sizes

Unlike doors, there is really no standard for window measurements. There are some that we can say are common among some manufacturers, but are not respected by many others.

Thus, it is easy to assume that most installations, at least in Spain, are made to measure.

The fact that some standards do not exist is inconvenient for several reasons:

  • The cost is higher, as economies of scale are not achieved in production.
  • Accommodations may be required. What is not only expensive, it may also be that the result is not perfect or is not what we wanted.
  • Finding the right professional for custom window construction is not always easy. It is enough to have conversations on the subject to realize that it is easy to find people who were not satisfied with the renovation of their windows.

Most common window measurements

  • 150 centimeters wide and 120 centimeters high.
  • 75 × 100
  • 80 × 80
  • 100 × 100
  • 120 × 100
  • 120 × 120
  • 120 × 200

How to correctly measure my windows?

how to measure windows

My first recommendation when taking measurements is that each measurement be taken multiple times. Unfortunately, it is common that the previous hole or installation is not perfectly straight, that is, there are mismatches. For example, to measure the width we will measure below, half height and above, and choose the smallest of the measures. Measuring diagonals can also help us to detect incompatibilities.

To these measures add 1 cm in height and another in width

It is measured from the window frame, not from the profiles or extensions that hold the leaves.

We are not only interested in measuring the height and width of the window. Also the thickness of the partition. For this, do not take into account the stops or stops.