There are several options in terms of materials, types or designs for Community Doors. Discover the characteristics of the main classes

community gates

Community doors are not only a decorative element of great impact on the facade of any building, they are also the first barrier to prevent the entry of those we want to leave out.

The goal should be to find a door that combines design, strength and functionality. This last point is often overlooked, even the neighbors have to manually go down and open the portal door. Undoubtedly, a nuisance for residents and managers of neighboring communities who will face a flood of complaints.

Tips for community doors

  • The ideal is to contemplate, even if it is not installed at first, automatic and remote opening systems.
  • In most cases, community gates are tailor-made. Ideally, those who did also install it. Not only because it can mean a lower price, but also because they are the ones who know your product best.
  • Invest in a good lock and cylinder. The toughest door in the world is useless if we neglect something so elementary.
  • Ask for him maintenance and products used as finishes. Nobody likes spills or high fees in neighboring communities, and if the portal door needs a lot of maintenance, community funds will run out faster.
  • Use door lock systems. In addition to preventing the door from being left open and anyone entering, it will prevent knocking when closing, increasing the life of the door.
  • Check the existing regulations, especially fire prevention, to see if your future community‚Äôs door answers.

Most Used Materials

portal door

There are several materials for community doors. Each of them has its advantages, disadvantages and prices. More often, we will find mixed designs, that is, those that combine several of these materials.

  • Wrought iron. It allows any design, so it adapts to any environment. It is resistant and can be combined with other metals, although this joint is not the strongest part. One of the great advantages of the material is the possibility of creating infinite designs and drawings.
  • Aluminum. Aluminum is strong, very stable, versatile, light, very easy to maintain and relatively inexpensive. These characteristics make aluminum one of the most demanding solutions. On the other hand, it is not a material that adds style and leaves something to be desired in terms of energy efficiency.
  • Stainless steel. Very easy to maintain and clean, they have greater durability, as they are not affected by oxidation and / or corrosion, are very resistant and have better performance than aluminum with regard to thermal insulation. On the other hand, it can be scratched and is a material with a high price.
  • Wood. It is less and less frequent to find community wooden doors. There are basically two reasons, the need for more maintenance and the existence of other more robust and economical materials. However, if what we are looking for is style, wood has no rival.
  • Glass. They are usually used laminated safety glass. It is a tough option, much more than you normally think, and aesthetic. It is usually found combined with the materials described above. In addition, it allows simple labels, ideal for the building name, number, etc.