Have you heard about the properties of synthetic wood for facades? Discover the interesting characteristics of the compound as an external coating

composite coating


Composite slats, as well as external floors or floors, can be used as a facade cladding. They are a light, resistant, durable and modern looking solution.

This synthetic wood is an ascending product thanks to its characteristics, in some cases superior to those offered by wood or plastic separately. Although without a doubt what has influenced most is the low need for maintenance and its natural aspect.

The time that the compound was available for a limited range of Colors. Current manufacturers offer collections where other, more striking colors like red, blue or yellow have been incorporated in addition to traditional colors. And also more classic ones, like various shades of gray and black. In addition to colors, we can also talk about textures: smooth, rough or striated.

Composition and installation of synthetic wood fa├žades

They are made with WPC (wood and plastic composites) a synthetic compound where wood fibers and polymers predominate. It is a material with excellent technical properties and that respects the environment, not only because it can be manufactured with recycled products, but also because it is recyclable.

Composite coverings, although made of the same material as pallets, are not exactly the same. Nor do they need to be, since the usage will not be the same. In the case of coatings, the thicknesses are smaller and / or with cellular interior. This does not mean that there are cases where a deck has been used as a cover.

Besides composite structure illuminated on facades the installation accessories are also different. The anchoring system cannot be the same for a covering that will be horizontal and for a board. You should also take into account that additional plugins as corner pieces, which we can find in steel or even parts ready to machine in composite and designed for this purpose, hubcaps or profiles.

In addition to these differences, the installation is also very simple. The strips are fixed to the wall and to the slats using clamps or anchors. It is necessary to respect the clearances established by the manufacturer. Not only so that the service life of the composite coating is long, but also that in case of manufacturing defect or any other problem the manufacturer is responsible. The warranty for this type of product is generally between 15 and 20 years.

Advantages of composite coating

  • Thermal and acoustic insulating material.
  • Not susceptible to the attack of fungi and insects, one of the possible problems that natural wood presents.
  • High durability.
  • Great resistance to impacts and changes in temperature and humidity.
  • Antifungal.
  • Minimal maintenance. This is one of the great advantages of the composite and what has been favoring its growing demand.
  • Easy installation.
  • Light. For use on facades, this is a great advantage that goes unnoticed by non-professionals.
  • Ecological and recyclable material.

Facade Compound Examples

house lined with synthetic wood
composite cladding construction
composite wall