The great benefits and medicinal properties of coriander

Among the popular herbs that accompany many of our dishes around the world, we can find cilantro, also known as Chinese parsley or cilantro. Native to Africa and parts of southern Europe, this plant which usually does not grow more than 60 cm and has a strong aroma it is completely edible, from its leaves to its seeds.

Because it is not a complicated plant to growIt is found in very good quantity for all its uses. The greatest feature of this plant is that the soil cannot be excessively wet and must have full access to sunlight, even in the early stages of growth.

Nutritional value Coriander.

Coriander It became popular thanks to its large amount of nutrients, minerals and oils., among which there may be mentioned the vitamins of groups A, K, B, C and E, in addition to being an effective source of calcium, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus.

Nutritional value per 100 g
Energy 298 kcal 1247 kJ
Carbohydrates 54.99 g
Alimentary fiber 41.9 g
Fats 17.77 g
Protein 12.37 g
The water 8.86 grams
Retinol (vit. A) 0 μg (0%)
Thiamine (vit. B1) 0.239 mg (18%)
Riboflavin (vit. B2) 0.290 mg (19%)
Niacin (vit. B3) 2130 mg (14%)
Vitamin C 21 mg (35%)
Calcium 709 mg (71%)
Iron 16.32 mg (131%)
Magnesium 330 mg (89%)
Meet 409 mg (58%)
Potassium 1267 mg (27%)
Sodium 35 mg (2%)
Zinc 4.70 mg (47%)
% of the recommended daily amount for adults.

Uses and Benefits of Cilantro.

One of its most famous properties is its help to reduce and control bad cholesterol in the blood while helping to remove excess fat from the inner walls of veins and arteries, thus helping to prevent heart problems and the voltage.

It also has the potential to reduce inflammations which are a consequence of conditions such as arthritis or the rheumatism. Cilantro also works as an excellent diuretic, to provide relief kidney problems and the discomfort of kidney.

This herb has positive properties for the treatment of ulcers or wounds in the oral region thanks to its antiseptic characteristics; We also can not forget that thanks to its aroma it can be used to treat bad breath.

We have already talked about the fact that cilantro contains important oils, among which we can get antioxidants, anti-infectives and detoxifiers, which together with the vitamin C that it also contains, we are faced with an excellent natural method for strengthen the immune system.

For people affected by conjunctivitis, coriander is recommended to fight against these eye discomforts as well as to slow eye aging, its degeneration, etc.

Now for those who have trouble with the appetiteThey can use cilantro which helps to secrete enzymes and gastric juice which aid in digestion and good absorption of nutrients. It is recommended as an alternative for people who suffer from anorexia.

For the Diabetes, cilantro stimulates insulin secretion, helping to level blood sugar.

Coriander can be used as an ally to lose weight naturally, generally through its consumption in tea or infusion, taking between 2 and 3 cups per day. The way to prepare this drink is quite simple, it is two teaspoons of coriander seeds in a cup with boiling water and drink it after about 10 minutes of standing, preferably after each meal, helping you to eliminate gases, reducing water retention among other benefits.

Plus, cilantro is effective in controlling aphids and mites in your garden.

Since you know its benefits, find out more from your GP and try including cilantro in your daily diet. The natural will always be welcomed by your body.

How to sow coriander in a pot.

If you need more information and before starting any treatment, consult your trusted nutritionist or family doctor.