Nail cork board can be more than just a note hanging tool or PhotographsIt can also be a decorative element of a room or even the living room of your home. In this article, we encourage you to welcome cork boards to your home with a selection of ideas for varied and original styles and designs.


cork board

When you think of cork boards, the most likely thing is that the rectangular blackboard with a thin light wood frame. This chalkboard for a child’s or teenager’s room, to hang drawings, timetables, notes and photographs. This is normal, surely many have had one, seen it at a friend’s or a relative’s house or, simply, in films and series.

Therefore, the idea of ​​inserting a cork board between the furniture and the decoration of our house it can back more than one person.

This article aims to show that there is a lot more behind cork boards than the traditional style and it can make us think. So, let’s take a look at different cork board sizes, styles, frames, and colors ideas below.

cork world map

Cork board – Sizes

Let’s start with the size and shapes first, this is what many have probably seen vary on a cork board.

Leaving aside the obvious fact that we can find all the measurements you could want or need and more, the interesting thing is in the form. Say goodbye to the traditional rectangular cork board and consider a circular or oval board instead. Or maybe better with a heart shape? There are also letter shapes, and by combining several, you can create a word or a name. And we even found one shaped like a world map.

Some very alternative “slates” are made with tbottle caps, glued vertically and in such a way that they create shapes like snowflakes or stars. While they’re not exactly a chalkboard, because they’re cork, you can still hang on them and hang notes on them.

Cork Board – Styles

Here, we’ll be dealing with the chalkboard designs themselves. While this can be very much in line with their shape, which we already explained in the previous section, it is worth mentioning separately as you can get a lot of value from a rectangular slate of a lifetime if it has an interesting style. For example, that the cap has a rhombus pattern or painted vertical stripes, is a way to give it an interesting and original design (and without losing its usefulness).

We have already mentioned the use of plugs, but in this case, by gluing them horizontally, you can create interesting borders and geometric patterns. The best thing about it is that they can be done easily at home.

You can also achieve an eye-catching look for your cork board, just by creating an interesting composition. For example, instead of putting one big board, put three small circular ones and line them up.


Cork board – Marcos

The right frame can make a boring and traditional chalkboard become the element that brings life and originality to your room. For example, on a circular chalkboard, a frame decorated with semicircles will suddenly make it look like a flower. There are also built-in blackboards in wooden shelves, which include handles and in which you can place a photo frame. Metal frames, rope frames, veneer frames, or, if your board has a very particular shape, directly without a frame.

The best part is that, as with the slates in capsMany picture frame ideas are easily done at home. This way, you won’t have to rack your brains looking in stores for slates with interesting frames. Buy a regular one and decorate it yourself with wine bottle stoppers, cardboard cutouts, papier mache, or fabric.

Cork board – Colors

And finally, we come to the question of colors. When you think of a cork board, you rarely think of anything that can add color to a room (unless that’s why it was hung). Granted, the orange-brown tone of the cork is not very noticeable and aesthetic and that is surely another reason why they are not very attractive either.

Of course, you can introduce color into a cork board, and the first idea usually goes through its frame. As we have already shown in the previous pointYou can be very creative with the frames so that they have interesting shapes and materials. Sometimes it is enough to frame the painting in a bright, saturated color, a color that matches the palette of the room. It can be combined, frames, colors and style by designing a composition of blackboards whose colors form an attractive and interesting palette (for example, on a blackboard in the form of a flower, you can combine several of a different color).

Another idea is to start with the patterns inside the board, which can be done with colored paints. Or, get the blackboards in corksThese can also be in different colors or painted individually to achieve interesting effects.

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