Corona will test 100% plastic-free can rings in select markets, the first international beer brand to make the switch after some small brewers. These rings join the six-can container, which is normally sold in the supermarket.

The rings made from biodegradable fibers of plant origin will be tested in Tulum, Mexico, in early 2019.

Corona measurement is part of a larger effort with the environmental organization Parley for the oceans to switch to environmentally friendly packaging that helps reduce plastic pollution, according to a press release.

“The beach is an important part of Corona’s DNA and we have worked with Parley to address the issue on the front lines where plastic physically accumulates,” said Evan Ellman, director of Corona Better World, in the Press release. “We also recognize the influence that a global brand like Corona can have on the industry and, with the support of Parley, we are looking for scalable solutions, such as plastic-free rings, which can become a new standard to avoid the plastic forever. “

Corona is testing its rings made from “biodegradable plant fibers, with a mixture of waste by-products and compostable materials,” the press release said. “They break down into organic matter which is not harmful to nature.”

Six-Pack rings have long been denounced by environmentalists who warn that the material pollutes our coasts and oceans and could potentially strangle marine life.

A small Florida brewery began ditching plastic rings two years ago with a compostable substitute derived from wheat and barley byproducts, meaning it could be safely eaten by turtles and fish. The project was a collaboration with Eco Six Pack Ring’s, the New York We Believers advertising agency, and a biodegradable Mexican manufacturer called Entelequia. Rings from this small brewery can now be found at Florida outlets such as Publix, Total Wine & More, Whole Foods Market, Lucky’s Market, and ABC Fine Wine & Spirits.

In September, Danish brewery Carlsberg announced it was phasing out plastic rings from its six-box cans. The rings will be replaced with a glue that is cold resistant and can be recycled with the can.

Parley founder and CEO Cyrill Gutsch said in the press release that Corona is “a powerful ally in our war on marine plastic pollution and in building the materials revolution that will take us further. We share the goal of eliminating plastic for good, because we simply can no longer afford its toxic impact. “

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